Audi RS5 Review – One Take

Matt takes the 450 HP Audi RS5 for a run up and down California’s second most famous road: the “Snake” on Mulholland Highway. Is the RS5 good enough to compete with the BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 AMG? We find out, and Matt reviews the RS5 in exactly one take.

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  1. The RS5 looks so fucking boring, just looks like a plain old car with wheels.

  2. why does the engine blips every time he changes gears in manual?

  3. lmao 8:00 sums up the whole thing. save yourself 8 mins. start at 8:00

  4. I would chose to make love to an rs5 than any girl.
    #foreignCars #AudiForlife

  5. Nice color!

    I have a Audi Rs5 2013 Color: Dark Burgundy with full specs and seats in "Moonsilver color"
    Subscribe to My channel for videos!

    I use GoPro Hero 5 Black.
    Instagram: New_Rs5

  6. Is it just me or does this Audi RS5 sound like the new Shelby Mustang GT350?

  7. Wow what a beast!

  8. This or C63 AMG 6.2L?

  9. awesome sound

  10. 1:47 The sound of this car is insane. i just love it so much 😀

  11. Air of badass? Does Autozone have that?

  12. ‘Air of Bad Ass’? Nope.

  13. Sorry, you can’t say " it’s not as good as the M3". What you can say is that it’s different in this or that respect. Audi has a different approach/philosophy than BMW or Mercedes.
    All of them are great in their respective ways. It depends on what the customer prefers.

  14. Audi has been the sport coupe of German automobile and always will be. Ok, the R8 just looks good. There is absolutely nothing exciting about Audis besides sweet designs.

  15. flat bottom just looks dankk tho

  16. Please do a review on a Audi Rs6 C5

  17. I think the flat bottom steering looks awesome for my car. I don’t know why he doesn’t like it

  18. Absolutely Gorgeous 😈

  19. "not as good as the M3"…..never trust a guy that wears his right-handed timepiece on his left hand so he can show everyone he has a Rolex in the video….His review is about as original as his watch….

  20. "Oh, there goes a classic collector’s car Im passing by and I won’t make any mention of it to the viewing public that just saw it too" I think its a 60’s Aston.

  21. Its better than M3 10 times!

  22. Ah, pure German muscle.

  23. I may be getting a 2010 RS5, So what are the things which I can add from the RS5 in the video (Newer Version) to the one from 2010, Please help?

  24. Awesome rev matching tone

  25. You cant compare an M3 with this car, compare it to the RS4

  26. I don’t know what’s sexier…the car or Matt?! Stop hating on the steering wheel!

  27. How is 350hp for a 2 door coup under powered?

  28. Glad you dropped the music on future one takes, it really added nothing here.

  29. Great review.

  30. These old videos are produced at a much higher quality than the new ones 🙁

  31. t..t….the…the sound…amazing…

  32. I am in the market for a used car here in Southern California. Looking into this or a M4. Anyone have any input cause I can not make up my damn mind.

  33. 2:19 why would you even wear a rolex backward in the wrong hand like that ?

  34. this car is a lot better than the s5 it looks so clean!!!!!!! this rs5 sounds fantastic!!!!!!!!

  35. This will be my next car. I live in Pittsburgh where there’s only about 60 days of sunshine, blue skies kind of driving. Rain, snow and everything in between. Although the BMW and Mercedes Benz are superior cars, I like what this car can do in inclement weather. Have a Great Day everyone.

  36. You have to wonder about all those people talking about understeer. They probably outbrake themselves into a corner and expect to just twist the wheel and be magically pointed in the right direction.

  37. I want to love the car but it looks identical to a basic S5 other than a slight larger grill.

  38. Jy is kak stupid!!!!

  39. S E X Y
    > *Vorsprung Durch Technik* <
    RS *5*

  40. 365 hp is under powered?

  41. This is one of those cars that should stay in Germany…

  42. Had the fortune to drive one of these around a track for a day. Intoxicating sound from that exhaust, esp on downshifts. If I remember correctly it’s the same engine as in the V8 R8, just tuned a little differently.

  43. Better to have an air of badass, than of bad ass.

  44. Those dsg fake farts sound lame.

  45. great car

  46. How tall are you?

  47. I am convinced my next car will be a RS5. I still own a 1982 (!!) AUDI 5000 Turbo. I love this car, actually I gave it to my daughter and she loves it even more than I. Oh well.

  48. stock exhaust???

  49. Perfect car for what I want.

  50. Matt you hit the nail on the head. I own an S3 and I feel like Audi needs a setting in between normal and sport just as you described. I’ve driven porsches with sport and sport plus and audi needs to do the same here. Hell add a feature in the drive select where you can select what RPM the transmission upshifts and downshifts.

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