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  1. Omg … The Audi RS5 has 450 (!) Horsepower! …. NOT 440HP ….. 

  2. bimmer superiority

  3. 4:33 explains everything….

  4. The last naturally aspirated V8’s from Audi and BMW. Sad to see them go.

  5. Audi is better

  6. You should have reversed it. M3 leading and see what happens.

  7. I own an 08 335i and trying to decide between m3 and rs5 for my next car I love the audi interior the mmi looks scoop much better. I feel if I buy the m3 onky upgrade is the engine but looking at this video objectively the bmw started from behind why not head to head on a 3 lane course if possible it hasn’t helped my choice but further made this a hard choice

  8. AUDI = sooo SEXY

  9. So there you have it, Audi had to wait till it’s S5 series to "kind of" beat BMW M3 series, that is a marvel indeed, and very quick as well.

  10. I like them. I fucking love them both.

  11. Watched the video and can not believe they let that pussy drive the M3,has he driven a quick car before? dose he know you have to keep the power on all the time! absolute clown! Get him off! Absolute PUSSY!

  12. On point. RS5’s go the edge due to Quattro. But M3’s gotta be more fun and feels more precise.

  13.  . . if you want to go into a hedge backwards and meet Jesus . . buy the BMW . . if you want to live to drive buy the Audi . . for 1,000 Audi RS5’s and 1,000 BMW M3’s registered in 2010 . . today in 2014 888 RS5’s are still on the road . . only 368 BMW M3’s . . . that stat says a lot . .

  14. Audi is shit anyway

  15. Haha Where is the Helmets conductors

  16. Audi FTW, only cocky people own BMW’s.

  17. wehn the bmw m3 starts then have the audi rs5 no chance(sry bad english)

  18. BMW ♥

  19. that m3 is great

  20. Duh its going down hill most of the turns where traction reign supreme, but let tell you after a few lap once the tires are evenly wasted, M3 will beat it. If this was touge run the heavy car will run out of brakes and tractions first.

  21. Test after comparison test with professional drivers in a multitude of venues has shown the M3 to be the faster car. I drove both before buying my M3 ZCP DCT; the Audi is a tank.

  22. Audi also looks much better

  23. M3 is the sexier one ! Look on Youtube rs5 vs m3 .. 50-200kmh the bmw is faster !

  24. Well, this is a very polite review. I can tell you 1st hand that the RS5 doesn’t take corners like the M3. There’s a lot of understeer at race pace. The M3’s over steer is just a case of not smacking your foot to the floor when exiting a sharp, slow corner. I love both these cars for very different reasons. They both share an amazing sound track though.

  25. Britische Kaffeefahrt…

  26. Audi Superiority !

  27. Bollocks @Alex Douglas. Consider the poise and stance the RS has through the corners and stop to have a look at how hard the guy in the M3 is working to correct the oversteer. I’ve owned 4 Audis (Current S4) and 2 BMWs (1 x E36 M3) so I think I can have an informed opinion.

  28. That’s a familiar sight on UK roads… BMW M3 in the rear mirrors tailgating and using both lanes.

  29. Audi is simply the better car overall

  30. M3 anyday. The RS5 couldnt even get away from the M3 lol. The M3 has much better handling and feel. It feel eat the RS5 on any track and thats why the M3 has a quicker nurburgring laptime than the RS5. Audis are gay. Glorified volkswagons haha!

  31. It’s like there dancing. Beautiful :’)

  32. love m3

  33. idiot…

  34. This is fake.
    Audi RS5 is 2.7 and
    Bmw M3 is 3.2.
    How come audi is faster ? This is such of fucking fake

  35. ///M Animals run the concrete jungle. That’s it

  36. Super

  37. I wonder how different the comments would be if the BMW was in the front.

  38. this was not a fair test

  39. Audi!

  40. Try the bmw m3 start out first..just saying

  41. If only it was a 2014 rs5, it’d shut the bmw fan boys up, the 2014 thrashes m3 now, it’s up to m5 standards, yet still based of the rs4, 0-60 in 3.9

  42. Do the same test in the wet that is the real world and watch the Audi run away

  43. Audi is waaaaaaay better

  44. the bmw is much better 🙂

  45. bmw e46 M3 is still better looking than both of these

  46. The audi is the better car !

  47. 119 people are bmw fanboys. STFU and accept the facts idiots


  49. To the comment Alex Douglas posted below, you can clearly hear Matt driving the M3 talking about its under-steer. You don’t want roll in corners. Body roll is a terrible thing and the M3 typically gives too much roll when you try to rush out of corners. When you push too hard, it typically over-steers a just a flick too much and then you are wasting time adjusting to straighten out rather than focusing on propelling forward as quickly as possible. A gentle balance between quick, precise cornering and powerful exits is all the best track cars can give you. The Audi delivers that with the quattro system. The BMW just doesn’t. They both look great, sound orgasmic, ride like dreams and are amazingly engineered, but the RS5 just has that bit of advantage with genius traction.

  50. Passions in both beside Benz , passionnnnnnnnnnnnnn perfect design and lecture

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