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  1. kurwa piękny dźwięk !

  2. Made in sLOVEnia 😉

  3. street legal?

  4. Its sounds like he’s changing the note at idle. Is this exhaust valve-tronic*? *Not sure if thats proper terminology. Sounds great btw. 

  5. Awesome…
    This is how an RS7 should sound ^^

  6. very nice sound! How many hp has the RS6 now?

  7. 10 hp more

  8. my stereo was on full bass, now my house is a pile of rocks.

  9. Na rudniku a 🙂

  10. For 2015 Audi RS6 Avant C7…How much cost Akrapovic exhaust package!?

  11. Is it has valve control? Is it quiet in comfort mode?

  12. it should have sounded like this the whole time

  13. its not your car or?

  14. Excellent video! If you like cars, check out my latest video on the Audi RS6 Performance! 🙂

  15. Amazing

  16. will that fit my 2003 rs6

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