Audi RS6 C7 Acceleration 0-100 / 0-200 km/h LOUD Sound

Testdrive with the Audi RS6 extreme Avant model year 2014 (C7) with fast very loud exhaust sound, acceleration 0-100 0-200 and drive near the top speed – Hello and welcome to the Car Acceleration TV Channel.

In today’s new video we run with the RS6 C7 Avant (no ABT, no MTM – it´s TC CONCEPTS!). Audi RS6 is the sport version of the Audi A6. The model differs in every generation by optical and technical details of the normal Audi A6. In addition to powerful engines are also exclusive materials such as selected types of leather or trim parts in real carbon. Instead of V10, the new model only has V8 engine. The new 4.0L engine has twin turbochargers, as opposed to the previous version (V10). To reduce fuel consumption, engine fitted with cylinder shut-off and a start-stop system. Although this engine with 412 kW/560 hp is slightly weaker than its predecessor, Audi promises better performance (3.9 seconds 100 km / h instead of 4.6 seconds as the previous model) and a more dynamic handling. Top speed is 305 km/h.

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  1. Audi rs6 c7 acceleration 0 – 100 km/h – 0 200 km/h

  2. Slow. Why? It’s a VW!

  3. Only a little bit faster than a 300 WHP turbo Honda Civic from 0-250… The fuck is this 😐

  4. Guys i need tips on how i can record my speedometer in my car 🙂 Like the best way to do it.

  5. he do in D no S shift mode, that why is 4,21 not 3,9

  6. New is faster RS6 Performance 605PS 😉 0 – 100 3.7 and S8 Plus 605PS 0 – 100 in 3.5 ! And TOP ! TTRS 400PS 0 – 100 in 3.6
    R8 Plus 0 – 100 in 2.9 😉 MEGA

  7. Pizdec,tut vse na angliiskom,poetomu i ya reshil ne otstavat)))

  8. so the rs3 has a faster 0-60 time?

  9. AUDI is for pussies 😀

  10. damn that DSG….

  11. My dad was so close to buying one of these beasts 🙁

  12. Fake

  13. Was bored and typed in "0-100",
    clicked first video

  14. bmw m4 kick’s the ass of this audi

  15. bardzo dziwnie ma zestopniowany 4 bieg. ktoś wie czemu jest taki krótki w stos. do reszty?

  16. I cant decide, this or a Prius..

  17. no car can be compared with bmw because bmw is number one always

  18. bmw is a legend

  19. I wanted one of these until I heard that straining unrefined engine. C7 Corvette shames this junk.

  20. Slow

  21. Crazy fast for a wagon, holy fuck.

  22. на 280км в салоне наступила невесомость

  23. bmw destroys audi all the time . audi is edulating bmw and mercedes all the time

  24. The best looking natural aspirated v8 sedan with the best exhaust note will be: 2013 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Edition 507.

  25. why he isn’t in S-mode? =-O

  26. Very Nice acceleration vids
    respect from germany

  27. super wagon the best combi

  28. The ultimate wagon

  29. Audi


  30. How can I test-drive this car? I live in Germany.

  31. Downhill. Audi RS6, RS7 100-200 Km/h = 8,5 sec, not 7,9 sec. AWD.
     Bmw M5 30 Jahre 600 Ps 100-200 Km/h = 7,5 sec. RWD

  32. Need to call M5 and learn what it is real power… 😂😜

  33. *-*

  34. stock exhaust?

  35. Good Video Like !!

  36. cute…look at JPs GTR-Project… 3,4 Seks from 100-200 lol 😛

  37. Rs6 the boss.

  38. Fanculo, è impressionante l’accellerazione

  39. Thanks everyone for all the reactions and for more than 1 MILLION views!!

  40. ABT 0-314kmh

  41. Pictures of lovely cars

  42. so slow lol

  43. why dont they make a sedan version?

  44. tempolimitanzeige zurzeit eingeschränkt

  45. This RS6 Really Destroys a BMW M and a AMG……

  46. Nice video! If you like cars, check out my latest vid on the Audi RS6 Performance! 🙂

  47. Learn how to start man 😛 Have you ever heard about launch control?

  48. is soooo kkoooolll

  49. Du

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