Audi RS7 560 hp vs Porsche Panamera Turbo S Powerkit 540 hp drag race

Audi RS7 560 hp vs. Panamera Turbo S Powerkit 540 hp drag race at the airport from multiple views and multiple races, kiihdytysvideot.

Audi RS7
0-100 km/h: 3.8s
0-160 km/h: 7.8s
0-200 km/h: 12.3s
0-400m: 11.8s

Porsche Panamera Turbo S Powerkit

0-100 km/h: 3.8s
0-160 km/h: 7.9s
0-200 km/h: 12.5s
0-400m: 11.9s

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Please note: Porsche’s factory Powerkit for the Turbo (2011 model, advertised 540 hp) is mechanically and technically equal to the same model year Turbo S (advertised 550 hp, same upgraded turbos, same brake cooling etc. ) and in the price list it was advertised as Turbo S Powerkit, albeit marketed as having 540 hp vs. 550 hp in the Turbo S. However, there is nothing to prove the real power would be different between the two. The Turbo Powerkit is still the fastest ever measured Panamera (not including the 2015 570 hp Turbo S) and even the 550 hp Turbo S could not match the times of the Powerkit, so in every way it is rightful to call it the Turbo S Powerkit.

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  1. RS7 is a very very fast car!

  2. audi went in beast mode

  3. audi rs7 😍👍👍👍

  4. This wasn’t really a fair race, the German BEAST would kill that thing any day and anywhere. The acceleration on the Audi is too brutal although the Porsche put up a good fight.

  5. Damm. that audi’s fast. .

  6. хуйня, я на своем запорожце порву их обоих

  7. что за хуйня???? почему рс 17 года а порше 16? может по пробовать 17 года понамеру турбо с ))) отсасет этот рс

  8. Panamera got owned. LOL

  9. to much nice

  10. Der Neuste Audi rs7 gegen den ältestem Panamera seit zu dumm um den neusten Panamera gegen den neusten rs7 antreten zu lassen dann gewinnt nähmlich der Porsche Haus hoch

  11. Porsche fail

  12. Porsche ist besser !!!

  13. Will be awesome if there’s RS7 coupe. Coz it may do 2.6 0-60 with same engine, suspension and damping

  14. Of course Audi won!

  15. car android navigation box for porsche

  16. Wow astonishing accuracy for the speed measurement inside the Porsche :))

  17. Christ alive  o_O  I would have confidently placed a months wage on the Porsche winning – that Audi is unbelievable!!

  18. A rs7 will be my next Audi. I’m still having fun with my s8.

  19. 2:12 though 🙂 Great stuff.

  20. Audi is better than Porsche

  21. 然而這並沒有什麽卵用

  22. Keep in mind, that the panamera will outshine the audi in cornering any day of the week.

  23. Panamera sexier than rs7

  24. porsche!!

  25. респект RS

  26. panamera is old

  27. RS7 it’s a lightning!

  28. shitty road for the porsche

  29. Ebnytca

  30. that’s not the turbo S bitch

  31. @2:11 when you see that rs7 ass drop, that means that bitch in "battle mode" and ready to shit on somebody! lol

  32. Sorry Porsche maybe next year!!!

  33. Porshe

  34. The Rs7 walked away from the Porsche! Anyways both are good looking!

  35. That Audi is insane!

  36. The straight line acceleration is the only place where RS7 wins , Panamera got better handling , better gear shifting , runs smoother and corners better.So i d take Panamera every fucking day

  37. This doesn’t make sense. Why would Porsche (which owns VW, which owns Audi) let Audi outdo its own cars in any area? (ok Panamera destroys RS7 for handling, comfort and exclusivity)…but still…. Why compete so aggressively with yourself!?

  38. gosh, – I love the Panamera – it’s god-like engineering – pure testosterone – it’s screaming – here I come motherf….., step aside or I will fuc…. run you over 🙂 – sorry for my bad language, but the Panamera brings out the hidden beast in me 😉

  39. Audi with 500 ps faster than anyone in the class with equal power,thats its very interesting…

  40. rs7 or porsche ??? hahaha its normal rs7 is better ..this porsche is total ugly

  41. The audi was my dreamcar, even more so when the performance came out (605 hp). Then a friend bought the rs6 avant (stationwagon) which is exactly the same car. To get the 305 km/h package you have to get the steel spring rs sport suspension. And it is harsh! He doesn’t care but his wife and kids hate te car. The panamera is always so comfortable with the airsuspension. if if it’s a little slower and way more expensive that would be my choice now. But I don’t have the money and my friend has three kids… Range Rover Sport SVR is going to be his new car. Lucky swine!

  42. Dat porsche is an ugly frog. Audi anyday!

  43. when the wing went up that means game over for porsche

  44. Audi…the best

  45. It seems not many people in this comment section realize that both cars are produced by the same manufacturer lol. Volkswagen FTW

  46. OOOO > anyday, anytime, always, forever and ever!

  47. :-

  48. RS7 destroyed Panamera

  49. NOT a turbo s, this is bias 🙁

  50. super vidéo

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