Audi S3 vs BMW M135i | evo TRACK BATTLE

Jethro compares the Audi S3 against the BMW M135i on track at Bedford Autodrome.

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  1. I have the s3. Standard I will pace with a mapped M135i down the 1/4mile.

    Mines now mapped and its a animal.
    Buy a car looking at the potential not at the bare car.

  2. My god that BMW looks like shit

  3. Boy, that BM is surely and ugly car… They should have taken the Z4 designer. But this M135, oh my god – ugly ugly ugly!

  4. Make that track slightly damp or wet and we will have a totally different story. In the UK esp up north its pretty much 75% we gona have rain!

  5. Look at all the Audi fanboys with sore asses hahahah

  6. Nicer seats, looks "better?" Do any of you actually drive or are you all 15? An M135i spanks the S3 in all the important areas, the main one being a far better engine (or don’t engines matter?). 10k miles in ours and couldn’t be happier.

  7. Id say the Audi does pretty well considering the power and toque differences

  8. should’ve been RS3 vs M135i, this isn’t a fair comparison at all. Testament to the S3 it kept up.

  9. Why dont you use a 3 door s3 like the 3 door bmw! Id still pick the audi over the bm any day its just a better lookin car n not gona be looked at as a prick as much 😆

  10. Love the S3, took a video of mine against an Impreza wrx on my channel!

  11. Track isn’t real world and four wheel drives always beats rear wheel on real road situations.

  12. That’s nice

  13. The guy can’t fucking drive he didn’t use the Audi as it should have been BMW lover try it on the real roads or in the wet and the Audi pisses all over the BMW

  14. Audi incomming : UNDERSTEEEEEEEEEER lol cheap vw

  15. 4 wheel drive anyday.

  16. hatch backs are gay..

  17. SCRAPPY?? You don’t mean edgy?

  18. if you would choose the S3 the golf R is quicker round a track, has more standard equipment and is cheaper. Identical engine. Audi is £000s for a badge THAT’S IT

  19. Lol at all the butthurt Audi fans

  20. 3.0l vs 2.0l turbo???

  21. I don’t care if the BMW is quicker, it has looks only a mother could love, is made with what looks like very cheap plastic inside and will not be confidence inspiring in the winter. For me, Audi every time!

  22. The fact he’s smiling more in the S3 says it all really

  23. Give the audi another second off the clock for looking way amazing compared to the gross looking bmw.

  24. OK I owned a 135i dct msport. off the line the 135 will take my current s3. the engine makes torque immediately and there is no hesitation on launch. no need for launch control. m old 135 also sounded better and was overall faster and lighter. i do enjoy the feeling of the s3 it’s more grown up. not as raw and edgy. but let’s not kid ourselves. the s3 is a softer more gentle, more understeery, less loud, less responsive off the line. I have to to use launch control on the s3 to match the acceleration of my old 135 in the 135 unjust have to mash the gas with traction control off and it will light up rear tires and launch like a bat out of hell. the s3 has a bit of a hesitation before the boost builds up. also I can totally hear the turbo spooling on my old 135 and the s3 is not as satisfying. they are different cars. BMW is definitely more sporty and Mercedes is more luxurious, the audi is somewhere in the middle. there are lots of really strong opinions flying around in this comments section by people who haven’t owned either. they are both great cars and I feel lucky to have the privilege to own both

  25. Both are great cars no question there, and both are in 40k range and that means I can only have one, or should I say most of us, and my next car will be S3 just because i can live with it no matter what nature throws at me, (unless it’s a tsunami ) exterior and interior on S3 looks a lot better then bmw, yes it’s only 2.0t but with simple ecu tune this car can get 0-60 in 3.7 second and 1/4 in 12.1 . But even stock it’s just more then enough for everyday machine that will put smile on your face every time you drive it.

  26. Good brakes the audi lol? One crashed on me by the back just yesterday brakes suck on that car

  27. 3dr M135i vs S3 sportback (5dr – heavier than 3 dr)….. Fair test. Naaawwwt 👎🏻

  28. 2000cc vs 3000cc … audi is better

  29. Listen to this guy at 2:25 when he laughs after drifting with the car, he doesnt deserve to drive that supercar, he sounds like the typical conceited mummy’s boy with a lot of money from his parents to waste on tires, and that kind of driver who goes too fast overtaking other cars temerarilly on public roads trying to get his way when another "sebastian loeb" wants to compete. He might think he’s a professional at driving, but drifting from right to left on a wide track is very easy, show me how you drive that fast on a narrow mountain road without getting out of your lane, or better dont try it.

  30. The designing engineers at BMW should have layed off the Jagermeister when they were designing the 135i….great car but ugly as sin.

  31. You can’t drive man!
    Your are never on the apex end let the electronics do the job of the driver – you are even getting payed for it?
    I mean comparing a 3.0 vs a 2.0. (Both turbocharged)
    Go home man

  32. do it in winter or wet surface, audi will be better of 3 sec…

  33. Seems like Jethro had more fun in the Audi…the way he was laughing through thoes corners… Says something else…

  34. I’d have the Audi because although it’s a little bit down on power you still have a more practical car because let’s face it you won’t be on a track during the week

  35. hatch vs mini wagon seems fair

  36. I drove the M135i and it is a blast. It wins any speed and sound category for me. Some people claim it is unfair. How can it be unfair? They are sold at very close prices and sit in the compact segment. If BMW sells you the inline six for the same money and Audi just gives you a fake sound turbo four with the rubbish VW haldex awd, then guess who made the better choice. Also some people claim the rain situation but in real world when it is raining you have to be completely nuts to push the car to it’s limit. We are talking about streets with pedestrians, cyclists, trees and oil spills and what not. So using your awd grip to reach 150km/h a second earlier will get wou where exactly? Right into the ditch is the best bet because your awd is not helping you break any better or corner any faster.

  37. was the saloon though but there is very little difference

  38. Fuck me is this guy boring

  39. My God this guy can’t drive. This is just about the only review I’ve seen where the driver complained about a modern day BMW’s handling capability.

  40. These lap times don’t really prove anything about real world driving…. It’s Christmas Day here in South Wales and the weather is atrocious. If I was going to be driving today I would take the S3 over the 135i M any day of the week

  41. This comparison is rigged, the S3 was a manual while the M135i was automatic. 

  42. How many people will be taking their cars to the track in the next year?………….

  43. also my previous car was an e46 m3. good god I miss that car. the throttle response is incredible. people are amazed with the Tesla model s and how responsive it is. my m3 was just like that! you barely touch the gas and that thing would take off like a bat out of hell. my 135 was so much fun to drift around corners, my current s3 will never behave like my old BMWs and I miss them for that. but the s3 has its own charm. all this shit talking in the comments section is so annoying. especially by people who are opinionated but clueless about the subject matter. I get it some of you prefer the s3 some prefer the 135. I say. drive both and stop arguing on the internet.

  44. But the M135i has a much big engine in comparison to the S3. M135i has a straight six, 3,000cc turbo engine. S3 has a V4 2,000cc turbo. So the M135i has a 1,000cc more and two extra cylinders. M135i also comes with xDrive (4wd) now.

    Pit it against the RS3 and it would be a different story.

  45. shouldn’t they be using an rs3?

  46. yea he’s full ov shit i got my audi s3 its much much better then the bmw i love audi the rs6 next

  47. Why are all review’s of this M135i against 4wheel drive cars… You reviewer’s do know that you can get the M135i in xDrive right? Why not compare the M135i xDrive agains all of these all wheel drive cars?

    I just cant get it .. :/

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