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  1. I have seen S5 today next to me, man it’s sexy….

  2. The thing I don’t get with most US reviewers is that it seems very important what others think of the car you buy.
    The point is how they drive, how they make YOU feel while driving.
    That guy with the long hair seems to be an unique US reviewer though, I’m gonna go watch more of his reviews.
    The reason why I won’t buy an Audi is obvious, just open the hood and see where the engine is placed.

  3. I feel that at the price point of the Audi, that the CTS-V Coupe would’ve more of a fair fight than just a CTS. The V would win in all out performance, but the Audi would smoke it in every other category. But, it would’ve been more fair price wise.

  4. BMW – True Driving Machine
    Audi – True Refinement & Luxury Styling
    Cadillac – 40+ All Around Good, Not Great Car

    To each their own, but if you’re buying a car for its driving dynamics BMW is your car.

  5. Love my S5! 

  6. I like the Audi. It’s one sexy son of a bitch!

  7. s5 sucks dick

  8. also paul is a cunt

  9. Two fucking annoying ass motherfuckers

  10. The styling is waaaaay too conservative for me… give me something that says "HEY, I’m an Audi & I cost $60,000!"  I am in no way, shape or form a Honda fan but I think the 2016 Honda Accord Sport coupe looks the part of what this Audi should turn its direction towards without over-doing it.  The Audi has that ‘cookie-cutter’ styling the whole VAG has and needs to have its own identity!  Just sayin…

  11. guys, the designer is Brazilian.

  12. The hell is this guy talking about @ 6:20?? He does 0-60 in 5 seconds. that’s not slow. It has over 350 HP…. he’s talking like he’s driving an RX8 or something.

  13. why wasnt the m3 used in the comparison?..

  14. If the s5 was 35k yeah it’s a good buy but at 65k?????? Helllllll no… A5s are crap and should be priced around 25kkkkk tops… Germans are playing the consumers for a fool.. Hahaha…

  15. I think that if I was 25 I’d go for the BMW, at 35, I’m going with the Audi. The Caddy never even crossed my mind.

  16. A5 3.0 diesel is better. Feels faster, more torque than S5, more comfy and much better mpg.

  17. how expensive would this be to maintain? Also I am Between this or the Chevrolet Colorado. Which one? please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks!

  18. The back seat of the Audi can’t be as bad as the camaro or mustang….could it??

  19. so one guy is a realistic driver while the other guy is a suicidal maniac who wants his car to kill him when he drives it? thats all I got out of this.

  20. thats true many people at parking lots have told me nice car bro even i have a stock a5

  21. One of these guys said the Audi is a "great car but it doesn’t amaze me" How can something great not be amazing? All 3 cars are capable and fun to drive, loaded with features and options. Best thing to do is test drive them and see for YOURSELF! Some of these critics are too critical.

  22. how can you compare these two beautiful cars (audi and bmw) to that ugly refridgerator that is CTS

  23. I live in germany and i have a s5
    I just let mine tune from HMS.
    (In german : auspuff klappengs anlage sidepipes)

  24. 60k for a loaded S5? Lucky Americans, the equivalent amount wouldn’t even get you a basic S5 in Europe.

  25. nice car!

  26. nice car

  27. I had a 2009 335xi coupe manual with sport package and navi.  Sold the car because it was devaluing too much as the new 4 series came out.  I test drove an 2011 A5 2.0T, and I cant believe why this engine would be on a premium coupe brand car.  I recently test drove an S5 and is very nice car, but still thinking of maybe saving more for a used M3 e92 or a 997 C2.  The only Audi I would drive is the S5 , looks amazing (a5 looks very nice as well), but I would not dare to compare this car with an M3.  I can talk on the RS5 as is out of my price range and probably still go  for an M3:)

  28. Agreed that BMW is definitely without a doubt the best driving car of all 3, handling far superior.. much above Audi, Cadillac isn’t even on the radar.

    Audi styling inside I personally actually don’t like it: the click turn knobs on the steering wheel and center console are so low tech and feel plastic, we’ve had an Audi, I much prefer the minimal but intuitive interior of BMW.

    In the German world, Porsche and BMW are the drivers cars and for good reason. Audi isn’t.

  29. I’ve always had my eye on the 335 and the S5. I only buy used vehicles, so have been waiting for prices to come down. I also research the crap out of cars before I buy them and am a bit obsessive. Winner for me is the S5 for styling, interior fit and finish, and reliability. From everything I have read on forums, BMW’s turbo on the 335 is absolute crap with wastegate issues and problems with the high-pressure fuel pump. Replacing the turbo is $7k. Google search "335 turbo issues" and you’ll see search result after search result for problems, class-action lawsuits, etc.. Also, resell value for the 335 is much lower than the S5. You can buy a 2009 335i under $20k off a dealer lot. S5’s are about $30k.

  30. The s5 looks better than the rs 5

  31. i agree the front and rear are nice but the side profile is ugly, has weird proportions

  32. My dad got a s5 and me and my sister fit in the back no problem

  33. Paul knows whatsup!

  34. what is that dumb guy saying audi feels like an American car ? hell no never my friend.
    European r way better

  35. How do you get that to work?  Can that be done via VCDS (VagCom)?

  36. wouldnt you compare the s5 to a m3 ??

  37. I need that S5. Looks like my A6 is getting traded as soon as possible lol

  38. You shouldn’t even mention that thing along with German engineering let alone along side Audi’s design. I mean Cadillac??? Seriously??? They are just a looong long way back. Audi with an "American Feel"?? What are you even saying? Can not watch the video any further because you have made a joke from yourself enough.

  39. man, you guys are better than motor trend.

  40. 65k for this car??? Lol suckers are born every minute.

  41. tesla s is faster than s5

  42. 5:25, and now the S4 and S5 use the same engine.

  43. i recently purchased an A5 cabriolet, fully loaded; it’s fantastic. my first car was a german car, a karmann ghia; i think my last car will be a german as well……..and definitely an audi   

  44. Inked by an Italian designer

  45. German cars have a distinctive kind of beauty. It’s what happens when the form follows function to such an extent that its sheer engineering pedigree makes it look gorgeous.

  46. The 335i is the better drivers car. Maybe the Audi is rare in the US and these two hipsters who have no idea about cars like that, but everywhere in Europe no one gives a shit about your Audi. They are everywhere and all look just the same. And calling the 328i a base 3 series, wtf. 316i, 318i, 320i, 325i, 328i, 335i, M3

  47. the carbon fiber door trim pieces on mine are coming off on the area closest to the door handle. 08 with just over 70k miles. anyone else having this issue?

  48. The audi looks like a volkswagen cc

  49. S5 exterior differences with A5 are none… and you can get 3.0L V6 quatro diesel for 18k

  50. The V8 in the Audi will come out of the hole quicker, and Quattro. In the crap it will be faster.

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