Audi Snook – Future Car Design Concept

Mono Spherewheel Vehicle Audi Snook is a Car Design Concept by Tilmann Schlootz at the Academy of Art and Design HfG Offenbach Germany. Snook is a double seater premium car optimised for urban mobility and rides on a single spherical wheel. Its stabilisation system is inspired by Eurofighter Typhoon and depends on triple axis accellerometers. at Cite du Design St Etienne 2010 in France visit www.redgodesign.com

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  1. Hmm I think this thing can actually be made..:)
    It can be balanced with gyroscope :).
    For those who said that braking would be impossible, if you lean car back first (some kind of control unit would do that), and than brake. It would probbably be possible to brake with high force, because of gravity, braking force could be about 0,5G, which is little less than braking force for normal car, plus some kind of air brake could be installed. But i doubt it could be such a compact design as here 🙂

  2. nice car love to ry drive one

  3. Prolly great in snow lol

  4. This seems like a pain in the ass to actually drive….

  5. isnt there a prototype made ?

  6. lol, get two so you and a buddy can pretend to be daft punk

  7. what if a truck ex; big rig, hits it

  8. Am I the only person who got a little nervous watching this? That thing looks way unsafe.

  9. Remove The Ball, Add Meatmo System, AVS, DCAS, RA And 3rd Seat, Replace Audi Logo With Nissan One, Paint It Blue, Add LCD Screen And Steering Wheel= You Got A Pivo 2!

  10. I’m trying to figure out what the difference is between "concept" and "cartoon." Anybody can draw movies of something that could never actually work in real life. Warner Brothers has been doing it for decades. Meep meep!

  11. well it auto balances but if you do your screwed 😛

  12. haha blunt crusin in this little pod would be excellent

  13. Cool eggman concept

  14. Nice music

  15. How do you get inside!?

  16. The way the spherical wheel moves @1:19, is there a proper term, or say, name for what those small rollers on top of the sphere?

  17. The future is going to be f*cking awesome

  18. Well, it’s been 5 years since their first announcement. Where is it?

  19. but can it pul burnouts??

  20. Let’s see that stand up to a minivan in a collision, then I’ll be on board.

  21. hmm, what if a overweight adult is driving and there’s a skinny child on the other seat..? Wouldn’t that bring the car out of balance?

  22. Looks like deodorant….:)

  23. But will it blend?

  24. How do you get in???

  25. how would this vehicle handle the need of a sudden break?

  26. dude you could totally attach that to to a giant weaponized robot and fight kaiju

  27. lol idk XD

  28. This designer must have had a thing for snooki on jersey shore, did some drugs and then came up with her riding on balls and it morphed into this.
    I’m right aren’t I? It’s ok, don’t ask don’t tell… They probably drug test their designers.

  29. yeah what happens when it snows…

  30. Weirdly, this is the sort of stuff I find really interesting. I’d give it a test drive any day! Love the design!

  31. What happens when it falls over?

  32. There goes your car.

  33. It would have to be an inverted Y-axis..or Z-axis -whatever the back and forward motion is! Meaning pushing forward on the ball control will have to send you into reverse and pulling back on it will accelerate you forward; If a car cuts in front of you or a kid runs in your way you dont want to lunge forward when you reflexively push away from danger. And if something appears behind you; you’d reflexively pull yourself forward- pulling back on the ball control…lol.

  34. Cool concept, I really like the freedom of movement and the simple, sleek design. As far as I can see there’s only one problem with it, in the event of a traffic accident for instance I don’t think it would be able to brake fast enought without tumbling over. You would need an emergency system for that purpose, presumably some extra wheels hidden within the frame. And that would add extra weight and complexity to the design, thus destroing the whole idea of the concept.

  35. That definitely does not look like it could go 65 mph or any speed above 30

  36. Schlootz must have worked with Dr. Eggman to make this.

  37. how much BILLION dollars is this? D:

  38. yep 😀

  39. Looks like a big robot head

  40. @Izayoiaki24 ur comment is hilarious. ^^. lmao

  41. weaponize it!!!

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