Audi Sport: Commitment – The Red Rhombus

In 2017, Audi of America will introduce the all new RS 3, TT RS and R8 Spyder. It is a high bar for an Audi to earn the rings, it’s a whole other level for an Audi Sport car to earn the Red Rhombus.

Learn more about the newest Audi Sport performance vehicles that are born on the track, built for the road: http://audi.us/AudiSport

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  1. 1st

  2. RS6 ??? Performance ????

  3. The Audi RS3 is coming to the States?! I almost screamed like a little girl.

  4. if audi makes there cars fwd then what is the difference between audi and Hyundai

  5. wet and I’m not even a chick dayum

  6. A little too much emphasis on 60 times. Wouldn’t mind seeing lateral G or 1/4 times

  7. Why are these never on TV?

  8. Will you ever enter F1 ?

  9. thats why I’m in love with audi♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Where are the leatherette seats?

  11. audi should definitely equip there cars with quattro system,we don’t buy audi for economy or front wheel drive

  12. audi should provide a6 quattro 3.0 in india

  13. I love my S6 but RS6 Performance plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Wow!

  15. Best cars in the world. Commitment.

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