Audi Sport quattro “Pure Sound & Flames”

Tribute to the Group B Audi Sport quattro. Which debuted at the 1984 Tour de Corse and made its last appearance at the 1985 New Zealand Rally,

With 420-480bhp depending on turbo boost pressure the new twin cam 20v engine and shorter chassis was supposed to make the quattro competitive on tarmac.

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  1. Is it just me or I think that sport quattro looks much faster that quattro s1? I don’t mean it’s really faster but s1 looks like a tank compared to sport or A2 version. I don’t feel the same excitement.

  2. Your videos are great !! Group B Rally forever <3


  4. INCREDIBLE thanks for the video marv, its awesome

  5. 1:40 Obviously the Acropolis Rally.

  6. the best of all !!!

  7. The slide at 3:43 always gets me that one, ruddy hell!!! Great upload Marv, thanks.

  8. How bout the fuckin mechanics people?? Probably almost as fun as driving. Can you imagine

  9. La Bestia el mejor sin duda!

  10. @ 3:40 a spectator lost his mind at being up close on that beast at full chatter. He put his hands on his head in disbelief. As sensible as i am i would be right out there in harms way as well. I dare someone to say they wouldnt have loved to be standing there live @ 3:40. I DARE YOU

  11. Music for my ears

  12. 3:41 that engine singing is something quite amazing.

  13. That more spectators didn’t die is a miracle, they were bloody mad.


  15. The five cylinder sound is great!!!!

  16. What source for your videos do you use?

  17. In my opinion the best drivers there ever were. Better than today’s rallye drivers and better than F1 drivers.

  18. BEAST

  19. Marvdogger always delivers the best in Groupe B vids!

  20. The Sport Quattro is like a German muscle car

  21. not even a dislike !

  22. 3:45 explain everything….AWESOME!

  23. 1980 GROUP B, RALLY ………..THE MAN MAKER

  24. Great stuff

  25. turns between people’s amazing

  26. 3:06 – was the last thing he had seen in his life πŸ™‚

  27. Unfassbar! Da bekomme ich so ein Rohr in der Hose πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  28. Power pulse every 144 degrees of crank rotation…Flames after the rev limiter kills spark but not fuel… Sweet Harmony in Motion People…A Brutal Ballet

  29. Hmm… Nice eargasm

  30. IMO this car exhaust note is better than in Evo2. Winged version has other figures tough.. πŸ™‚ This forces to make my own replica one :p

  31. There’s one that’s clearly for sale at 2:37!

  32. estamos viendo un carro con un costo actual de 250mil dolares hasta los 700mil .

  33. solid af.


  35. My favorite monster…
    Love the sooound and the shape!

  36. 3:43 agressive power turbo..

  37. Love the Sport Quattro

  38. superb marv, amazing channel.
    in this time(Corsika 1984) the 205 t16 e1 started with about 330hp and was later going up to 380.
    that was enough to overcome the sport quattro completly.
    so if you take a look back it’s a bit strange that audi could reach the drivers and manufacturers title in 1984 because peugeot was in the end the total dominating car.
    audi was lucky that peugeot was debuting later on in the running season.

  39. 2:45-3:06 Hella Sick!


  41. awesome! πŸ™‚

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