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  1. 1:23 That sound is AMAZING

  2. Monsters!!!

  3. Und wer hat dann gewonnen.
    Peugeot mit dem 205er. 😛

  4. pěkná kurva 🙂

  5. Nada ke se le asemeje . Ke barbaridad

  6. Nada ke se le asemeje . Ke barbaridad

  7. 3:09

  8. 30 years later, and this is still the most spetacular Rally Car of all time…

  9. Its SO good that I get shivers down my spine from just watching it on screen..!

  10. The Noise. This absolutely incredible Noise….

  11. Lucky whoever lived that years of glory !!

  12. subaru wrx? mitsu evo? b*tch please, audi e2 is the boss

  13. Ja dieser sportrennwagen ist einfach Hammer hart vom ganzen Saund Herr aus und er bleibt für immer Kult.


  15. was für ein Auto…

  16. Listen to 4 wheel master Stig Blomqvist car at 1.06 -1.10 that heaviest sound i ever heard of , it is even master Stigs car how ges on two wheel , a true 4 wheel icon

  17. Thats how you drive a car in Keskisuomi.:)

  18. tuo audi oli kuulemma kuin halko joka potki ihan järjettömän lujaa….ei kääntyny ilman vasurin jarrua,mut taas sai pidettyä ahdot…,ei tuommosta yksikään nykykuski uskalla ajaa…

  19. That Audi (among the other b-group cars) was just so mindless beast…absolutely terrible low flying rockets.. ;D

  20. ‘Maximum Attack"? Sine when did Markku drive for Audi 😉

  21. greatest sound ever created by men

  22. just hearing beast voice is better than sex, i just love that car 😛

  23. This car always have some special and his sound is better than the 2014 F1 jeje

  24. Ich habe 1985 1000 Seen Rallye Life erlebt ! War das beste wo ich dabei war !!

  25. Hearing this car’s amazing sound makes me all the more annoyed when its sound got completely butchered in Gran Turismo 6. Seriously, how could Polyphony Digital get it so wrong when the Quattro has such a distinct sound ?

  26. B group cars was real rally car.

  27. pure sex, almost ponographic

  28. brutality

  29. And the Finn’s are so practical too, looks like there’s a fold-out mattress on the back for post race events.

  30. 00:43 it goes on two wheels

  31. savage…….1980’s was golden era of rally

  32. Des vrae pilote ou bien des fou du volant? En tt ka les voitures kom sa on voa plu pour pilotae kom un diable super video

  33. This sound :*    Stupid FIA … 

  34. what is that blue smoke…not the tires…the engine is bad or so?

  35. Awsome!!! WRC golden age. Audi, Lancia and Peugeot in this order left an unforgettable memories never recovered

  36. идите на йух вы все ысарадип

  37. Put your headphones on and get ready to have your ears raped by some of the best sounds you have ever heard from a car….Quattro S1 ftw!

  38. tak wracam z pracy do domu

  39. A Legend!!!!! engine sound is like a symphony


  41. audi is the best there was there will be…..michele was the queen of audi

  42. Incredible Car

  43. The blue smoke is from the water cooled brakes, but the problem was that the water only lasted 10 mins and the stages were about 28 mins long

  44. I don’t have the words but it gives me goosebumps every time! I actually saw this beast on 2 RAC Rallies, it is something I’ll never forget.

  45. gran vídeo amigo,te felicito

  46. Oh, if only the Portugese knew how to spectate like the Finns. Group B would probably be around today.

  47. das Ding ist der absolute Wahnsinn!!!!!!!!!

  48. dddd

  49. cos’è l’ airborne, ciao

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