Audi Supercharger Technology

Alongside exhaust gas turbochargers, Audi also makes use of superchargers to boost its engines. A supercharger is used in the 3.0 TFSI. The high-efficiency mechanical charger is situated in the 90-degree V formed by the cylinder banks and is driven by the engine via a poly-V belt. The gas pathways downstream of the charger are very short, thus the torque develops quickly and easily. The full boost is available even at idle.

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  1. Hey kenzo, you should try reading the description first so that the world does not see you as a retard, also Audi is a German car, not mrrrrca

  2. I hav one brand new for sale 🙂 (supercharger)

  3. thats one quiet engine. do my eyes deceive me or is firing on every second stroke ?

  4. is that supercharger, or turbo?

  5. yeah 3.0t, t standing for charged in the new s4 and s5 cabriolet. also rarely seen in later a6 not the brand new shape.

  6. A mechanical driven supercharger is not that efficient, and above that it will soon be failing, Audi/VW knowing

  7. This is dumb, is there supposed to be audio with this?

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