Audi “The Chase” – Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War

Watch Captain America and Black Panther go head-to-head in never before seen footage from Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. And see what happens when a family in their all-new Audi SQ7 gets caught in the middle of the action. ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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  1. fica mostrando todo o filme porra

  2. black panther looks awsome,one of my favourite superhero

  3. I Love Captain America!

  4. Better product placement then BvS

  5. all other cars are from 1995, one shiny red audi…

  6. Just like some ppl. Cop lights flashing right behind her, and she just contiues to drive. "Oh well, they cant be after me"
    Thats all I seen watching this. Privilage!!

  7. May 6th? we get it April 29th in da u.k!

  8. Clever

  9. bucky and Steve are fast for old men

  10. "Boys, that’s why i married your mother"

    Because she knows how to make a right turn.

  11. ok, cool and all, but the cars have german license plates, but the street signs are all american.

  12. Funny commercial, but a goof, this scene does not take place in the US, but in Berlin Germany and this shot here is I think the US… 1:11 Just a nitpick, funny commercial.

  13. the family’s car is not registered in Germany, the police cars are all registered as postal vehicles, and the other civilian vehicles are not registered in Germany either. Marvel has no respect towards license plates 🙁

  14. #teamferrari

  15. how can bucky run so fast?

  16. i’m so dissapointed because the director of the movie was decided to cutting out the scene from my fav actor from indonesia "RAY SAHETAPY" just because his acting was too incredible. so what’s wrong with his acting skills? what’s the problem about that? is acting too good not allowed? oh c’mon joe russo, you just being pathetic!!!

  17. Concerned Mother: Is this guy crazy?!

    Underwhelmed Father: Crazy fast…

  18. Did anyone else realize the disappearing kids in the backseat at 1:06 and then reappearing at 1:08 lol great editing mcu and audi. Supurb work and a million dollar ad 👌🏼

  19. The scene with the red Aud going into the city is in Los Angeles lol

  20. E filmat in Bucuresti !


  22. Lol

  23. For Romanians, their English is pretty good, not to mention that street they turned on looked pretty American.

  24. This remind me of the dodge commercial we got for bvs like if you agree!

  25. I can’t see WTF is wrong with CGI. What are people complaining about? Everything looks great to me. Can someone explain?

  26. At the end cap was like "DONT YOU DARE LAY A FINGER ON MY BUCKY!"

  27. Just like some ppl. Cop lights flashing right behind her, and she just contiues to drive. "Oh well, they cant be after me"
    Thats all I seen watching this. Privilage!!

  28. Does anyone know the name of the song?

  29. What is Bucky doing in Romania tho? Is Sebastian Stan missing his home or something? 😂

  30. *Captain America: Civil War Movie (2016) Now Available in Full HD*
    *Watch Now*

  31. Is that Stevie Nelson from the Live Prude Girls?!?

  32. Anyone think this was gonna actually in the movie before watching this? xD

  33. Up to this day no one knows what song that is that plays during the chase?

  34. Romanian plates on most of the cars. :))) very funny

  35. queria saber nome dessa música que toca durante o vídeo

  36. When Black Panther looks at Captain America at the end
    BP: You piss me off!

  37. this is somehow boring to see a family just crossing the road while cap bucky & t’challa run

  38. Was this in Bucharest or Germany?

  39. Hilarious that movies use product placement so much nowadays, I thought this was a scene from the actual movie until the end.

  40. nobody cares about the those stupid people in the car we wanted the heros

  41. Doesn’t anyone pull over and stop for emergency vehicles anymore?

  42. does that mean that the marvel superheroes fight eachother?

  43. Why did he marry her

  44. AHHHH that first bit I saw that ad why do u guyz have to put that in c’mon that’s stupid it’s marvel for goodness sakes ARGHH, mehhh…

  45. Seems like Black Panther doesn’t want to fight Cap

  46. TOP!

  47. Shows car in action. Car is cool.
    After ad is over, wrecks car. Car is no longer cool.

  48. The Audi product placement is so heavy in this movie.

  49. This ad will surprise the AUDIence. hehehe

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