Audi: The quattro principle

quattro four-wheel drive enjoys a lengthy tradition. The principle involves distributing the engine’s power permanently and optimally between all four wheels.

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  1. if the system is so good why it tends to understeer

  2. Wow this was a really really great video. Definitely makes me wish I had a car with a quattro system.

  3. I want to be development engineer for Audi :O)

  4. fixed trials,audi takes turn form more inside

  5. So the quattro shown here is standard in all Audi’s right? I have a 2007 A4 2.0T Quattro and i’m wondering if it’s the same

  6. Awesome video, I’ve become a proud owner of an Audi A6 2007 Quattro few months ago, which is actually my second Audi, and I really love it. Greetings from your neighbours, Czech republic 🙂

  7. More of a marketing presentation than a technical explanation.

  8. Hello i have the A4 1.8T quattro of 2007 did anybody knows if it is totally the same system and which generation it is? Thanks

  9. Why does this system use torque vectoring instead of a LSD or a Torsen differential on the front and rear axle?
    I noticed alot of auto-manufactures have been dropping the LSD and adding torque vectoring on open differentials instead, but never knew why?

  10. Wait, what makes the actual power distribution change?

  11. Subaru n.1

  12. My dream car is the rs7

  13. nice system

  14. if Bane from batman had a english accent he would sound this

  15. Audi in terms of AWD is high-end! My father borrowed me his car couple of days ago, I’m talking about a A6 2008 3.0 tdi quattro. I approached an extremely tight corner at around 110 km/h (trust me the corner was very tight usually 80 km/h is more than enough to lose control) and the car when started to slide away towards the other cars from the opposite way, the car simply kept its line and track. I would have been seriously injured or dead if I had driven an FWD or RWD in that moment. Amazing machine! No wonder why their motto is "We build cars! " I would say " We build cars not toys.." You can entrust yourself in their outstanding systems especially when it comes to quattro.

  16. This is a great video that really helps to explain the mechanical bits beneath the car. Thank you and can we have some more please.

  17. I can’t understand which diameters are you reffering to… I can’t see how you measure them… I’d be grateful if you could answer me… Thank you…

  18. the brakes are always applied everytime we make corners?? so the wear on brakes are faster on audis? how about heat issue?

  19. I don’t know much about mechanical engineering principles, so excuse the silly question, but why, when it says more torque goes to one side, why does it show the other side rotating faster? Like, when the video claims 70% of the torque goes to the front wheels, the rear axle spins much faster. You’d think more power would go where the rotation is greater, no?

  20. guys get a motor bike and save those disk pads.

  21. What’s with the flanging audio? Did they seriously try to post a video with surround sound?

  22. Is the added complexity and weight really worth it??

  23. Mind blown

  24. I carroattrezzi avranno più lavoro, crucchi !

  25. what about friction, wouldn’t there be more

  26. Beautiful, pice of engineering a work of art.

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  28. wake me up when audi makes a non combustion car

  29. In normal operating conditions, the torque is distributed between the front & rear axles at 40:60 ratio, you say. In normal operation, when the speed of all wheels are the same, wouldn’t that mean torque acting on all wheels is the same (if load is uniform) ? Or, if that torque is a function of the vertical load associated with the axle, does that mean this torque distribution is a natural phenomenon in the vehicle and not imposed on the system by a controller?

  30. if I explain that I know all this,will they give me a car

  31. too nice

  32. better add that because of the elements.. it can be fitted to TT and A3..

  33. Thank you for such a beautiful explanation.

  34. куплю

  35. this is why audi is the best

  36. Did not know the RS5 has no "transaxle" gearbox just like the old Quatto had. This looks like a normal AWD system which a Mercedes and BMW might also use.
    I am referring to a symmetrical system like Subaru uses. Is this even worthy of the name "Quattro" ?

  37. this is the 5th generation quattro… NO?

  38. "Optimal straight driving" Dansgame.

  39. Ich fahr einen Audi A6 4F5 Avant Quattro und Liebe es .
    Ich Liebe Quattro , danke für diesen Genialen Wagen.
    Einmal Audi immer Audi

  40. Have a Audi in Colorado, it’s dog shit in snow

  41. LOL SH-AWD from Aucra in 2000 ok.

  42. I was wondering if there is a video from Audi explaining how to use tiptronic? Like when to upshift and downshift? Thanks.

  43. This Video Explains Only Division Of The Power Between Rear and Front Axle What About Right and Left? I Mean If three of Wheel Starts to Spin and Only Right Front Wheel has the Grip What Would be the Outcome?

  44. Lol what if I can’t afford Audi RS5?

  45. The percentage of torque applied to the front or rear is kind of misleading in this video. The narrator at one point, said you can get as much as 60% to the rear, and 40% to the front. Well, if the front axle is directly driven by gears with no slipping clutch pack, then theoretically, the most you can apply to the rear drive shaft is 50%, since the front will always be fully engaged. So, if the front completely loses traction, the rear can fully lock up 100% with no slip, and both front and rear drive shafts will go the same speed. Thus, 50/50, even though the front wheels are spinning with no traction.
    The Subaru system is basically identical, except the front right and left axles are the same length in a Subaru, so they have less tendency to experience torque steer when the front wheels lose traction.

  46. A very informative and well crafted video which provides full information on the quattro system. Superb!!!

  47. i drive an 05 A8L the Quattro is a beauty.

  48. i still have my 94 audi 100 never have been got stuck in it and i live in Canada

  49. So its pretty much a torsen?

  50. Permanent just doesn’t sound like the right word

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