Audi TT car review – Top Gear – BBC

Jeremy takes the Audi TT out for a spin, that is if he can first decide on what to wear.

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  1. Don’t like the TT, sorry

  2. Why does this fool always complain about a car, unless it is a Indian owned former British car!
    Nice to see the Brits sweating for the Indians, life is strange.

  3. qualcuno sa come poter vedere lo stesso video in italiano?

  4. I like and don’t like this car all at the same time.

  5. that’s some fine neighbor you have there, Jeremy.

  6. I love audi tt

  7. Audi TT poll. Is Audi TT for which gender?

  8. 30,000, but after 2 years you can get one at auction for nearly half price in the USA. Beast deal around…

  9. Stylish? That’s the ugliest thing I know.

  10. "Hi I got a HAIRDRESSERS CAR"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. What is the series and episode

  12. ooh my love.. one day ill find you.. one day..

  13. Can’t believe people who slag off this lovely car. It’s fun and soon to be a classic and the 3.2 is a great engine. Some people on here just talk bollocks

  14. the iphone of the car world

  15. got it wrong that time, clarkson,

  16. My father bought this car like about 10 years ago. I remember when he got this car when I was still a kid. It costs even more in Korea, it was $74,800. There are only like about 5 of them in Korea, and I agree that it is not that fast nowadays, but at least it looks really nice, better than the MK2/MK3 personally (don’t judge on that pls), and back in the old days, the DSG was like a future technology. I will be getting this car shortly after my father’s new W222 S400L 4MATIC gets delivered. So excited.

  17. 0:02 get your arm of that car

  18. the body style aged badly.

  19. damn thats an ugly car

  20. top gear used to be so amazing smh

  21. good old topgear with jeremy, now its a load of bollocks

  22. Someone can give me one?

  23. Let’s talk about the Little Big Planet OST.

  24. Small and all rounded… It’s a girls car for sure.

  25. It still looks great – pretty much everyone agrees. Although not according to the comments…

  26. so… double clutch was new back then? Dammn!

  27. it understeered like shit

  28. clarkson is talking out of his arse, on this one,

  29. Which of these should i get as my first car? Chevy corvette (1980-1989) Audi TT Toyota supra or mazda RX8?

  30. audi 1.8t? better witch turbo

  31. Shut up Jerry! Or be less obvious.

  32. I’m going for the TT now. But a Corrado wouldn’t hurt.

  33. Looks kind of like a VW Beetle that hit puberty and stretched out.

  34. Saben. cuando tenia 18 años era fanatico de reveistas y soñaba con carros de todo tipo. mas aun queria ser ingeniero automotriz.

    hoy dia ver programas de este tipo solo me dicen una cosa, que al fin al cabo son una porqueria. porque lo unico que hacen es promover la compra de carros que a la final te duran un año y despues lo tienes que botar porque su mantenimento es imposible.

    porque lleque a esta conclusion. porque en donde vivo. con lo que cuesta uno de esos carros nuevos si es que puedes pagarlos te compras literalmente una chatarra andante y mas vieja que yo. y su mantenimiento es imposible ya que solamente una bateria equivaldria a un aproximado a mas de dos meses completos sin ningun otro casto de salario de Ustedes en EU y USA.

    por su puesto ni tengo carro ni soy ingeniero. eso es lo que hace un pais donde no se promueve realmente la produccion de nada. donde solamente vives de otros conceptos totalmente abstractos y herroneos.

    El traductor no es muy bueno. asi que traten de entener. cuando pueda y si me responden tratare de darle la traduccion en ingles.

  35. Silly to judge people by what they drive. I thought this was a serious review.

  36. things have changed folks… if you see a TT driving by, today, you’ll definitely look at it.
    Also, it can sit at 180km/h and you wouldn’t have to raise your voice to have a conversation. Brilliant car. Clarkson was bias with German cars, simple as that.

  37. No disrespect here but I don’t know what Jeremy means by "stylish". It looks ugly.

  38. wow I didnt know how ugly it was , but for 12k $ you can’t ask for more

  39. I’m only 13 and my dream car is an Audi TT Coupe 2004

    A man-bun on four wheels.

  41. That song when Jeremy was picking out his outfit. Little Big Planet

  42. how unbelievably sexist/misogynistic/sexualist commentary. really boorish. was this made in the 60s?

  43. I have a mk4 vr6 gti and my friend has an mk1 tt. I like the tt it’s a fun car and it’s also pretty quick. But then again I love small cars. Miata, Crx, Mr2, z4, gti so im partial to the size of the tt.

  44. this tt looks hideous

  45. The TT should be beat like a whore that owes quid. Unless you have a shop, forget about it. Maintenance is high, but then I love to beat this little street trollop. I fix it myself, its been a challenge. She gets nothing but the best from me, but needs to throw down every day. I love this car, It might be a psychological thing, its got a bubble butt and sexy lines. I like my women slutty and spirited. When I’m tired of her I’ll get a younger one.

  46. Audi make some of the best looking cars on the road, the TT isn’t one of them.

  47. The tt past 2006 and newer…. Looking at a 2010 next week. These guys couldn’t be more wrong about a car lol

  48. this is so funny hahahahha

  49. A Golf in a party dress.

  50. I Find it funny how he is badmouthing duel clutch back then saying it is "mind-numbingly boring" but now he thinks it is the best thing that’s ever happened to the human race. I’m sorry but this is an extremely biased and unfair review. The TT is an incredibly fast car for its age, even by today’s standards. Awesome car.

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