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“The Audi TT Roadster is stylish, great to drive, cheap to run and has one of the best interiors on the market.”

The Audi TT Roadster takes on long-time rivals the BMW Z4 and Mercedes SLK in the premium roadster class. It manages to beat both of them when it comes to fuel economy, overall performance and price – and we think it’s the best looking of the three, too.

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  1. I wonder how much hairdressers earn in the UK

  2. The door line is as high the driver’s chin.

  3. Ha typical Poverty prestige you think you can afford one and them by the time you add a few extras which would be standard elsewhere the price goes skywards

  4. mx5 better than audi TT

  5. I don’t think you’d want the diesel version now 😛

  6. Hello mate, do you want to buy any windows or doors?

  7. come on Audi this is the third generation TT and it still uses soft top convertible?? how are you gonna top Z4 and SLK nowadays?? you may say boxster still uses soft top but that’s a "Porsche" end of story…i don’t care if you put new gadgets in there.

  8. Pepsi max cherry ! My favourite haha.

  9. Are you going to review the Mercedes GLC SUV?

  10. 3 questions:
    1. Did the testcar have S line suspension or adaptive dampers?
    2. Would you go for the manual or s-tronic?
    3. FWD 2.0 TFSI or quattro?

  11. Can someone tell me what the music in this video is?


  13. It sounds no where near as good as the old 3.2 V6 TT and I don’t think it looks as nice either.

  14. TT in tagalog mean?

  15. to similar shape to the mk1, i think the tt has run its course now, this will be the last one imho, the new shape boxter wipes the floor with this.

  16. Too expensive – cheeky to ask so much for options.

  17. Digital screens are annoying

  18. Love at first sight

  19. In my country it cost more than Porsche Boxster!

  20. Uhm, I dont know about the UK. But which average paid hairdresser can afford a new Audi TT roadster?

  21. Audi TT Roadster is a car you buy with your heart?? Sure tampons are on aisle 5

  22. fuck VW

  23. Wind deflector not standard? For that price? Damn..

  24. Never liked Audis, probably never will. But the new virtual dials and the temperature settings in the dials are nice touches. Small touches like that would make a car feel special.

  25. How the fuck could a hair dresser afford one?

  26. man this car suits you the best i swear…..

  27. It’s funny to see comments from clueless people who know nothing about cars or engineering in general, not to mention 99% of people here can’t afford a set of tires for a car like this, let alone the car itself.

  28. Driven one and it was shit every bump in the road and after driving it I feel as if I’d gone one round with a werewolf

  29. Interior is all cool, but it doesn’t have a separate screen for the radio. For me, that’s a big "no no".
    How is the passenger supposed to change radio stations or cds?

    But the biggest issue is – who buys a fwd roadster? Fucks sake. And a diesel option? Lol

    Mazda is quickly catching up. And for nearly half the price, the MX5 offers more style, similar practicality, RWD, and Mazda’s reliability.

    I had a look at TTs and although they look nice, you can’t help but feel it’s just a Golf with no roof and a poshie interior

  30. ugly

  31. Its not funny to pay extra, things that all the other manufacturers give them as standards. Germans relax …

  32. It’s a bit ugly isn’t it?

  33. drove one today….v.nice!!

  34. Where’s Ginny?

  35. nothing about the power??

  36. If the Mx-5 is not quite good enough for you. you can spend 10k more and have it! personally I’ll go with the little awesome Mazda.

  37. Audi TT vs jaguar f type, should do comparison

  38. … then you face the Porsche option list.

  39. ‘At that price, you could get a Porsche Boxster’ – Yes, but then you’d have to go through the optional extras on that as well.

  40. 0:00 "Style, Fu**…"???

  41. Style, Fuck … ?

  42. same old design

  43. the brummie accent is still there XD

  44. An audi to buy with my heart my *ss.

  45. Hey Carbuyer love your reviews! But they’re only aimed at people who buy brand new cars. Don’t you think it would be great to post some second-hand car reviews? How some models stand the test of time and conserve their value, some comparisons between 5-10 year old models etc?
    You know, for people who actually can’t afford a 50.000 pounds car? Best

  46. his accent matches the car. nice but boring

  47. TT is better than Mx 5.

  48. Is it me or someone thinks that it looks like Mitsubishi Evo from front?

  49. Every time I watch car buyer vids i think Aaron Ramsey is Matt’s brother

  50. that GoPro POV really makes my heart race as i’m expecting a crash to happen since that road is so narrow and you see around the car >.<

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