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  1. mein leben für diesen wagen ….. bitte…..

  2. @davisSS396 the radiator is in the back on this car

  3. wtf why music? ruined the video!

  4. Take the music away please

  5. tjaaaa der Walter. Ich möchte aber mal wissen, wie man den "Langen" hätte besser machen können. OK, lang läuft besser… aber wie?

  6. Am I the only one who love the 10V Audi rather than the 20V?

  7. fkng music

  8. what a legend of a car

  9. Yes.

  10. Music? Here’s a tip. Go back home. Take your computer and smash it to pieces with a hammer. Then you may NEVER ruin Youtube again!

  11. Rohadt zene :@

  12. whats the name of this song???

  13. a car that changed the automotive world. this car created the sub-genera of all wheel drive sports cars.

  14. perfeckt combination of musick and sound <33

  15. hur fan kan du förstöra en så grym video med sopa musik?

  16. Music kills this video

  17. without the music it would be like watching porn

  18. Sorry, thumbs down from me. Music spoils it…..

  19. …..außerdem Riechert Tuning. Ich habe noch ´nen Käfer mit Riechert Tuning. Hätte gerne für meine Weber IDF 40 eine Zentralluftfilteranlage. Gibt´s da noch was????

  20. wie kann man so ein geniales video nur mit derart beschissener musik versauen. ich könnt einfach nur kotzen

  21. Die musik stört so extrem!

  22. Who Gives a shit all you bitches complain is the video not enough?

  23. dreadful cheesy music


  25. Fucking shit music!!!

  26. name the music ?

  27. W T F MUSIC????????????????? retarddddddd

  28. FUCK THE MUSIK!!!!!!!!


  29. Fucking crap music

  30. The music is so disturbing!

  31. @davisSS396 Even if this car is a replica , it shows the oilcooler like the real group B Rally Quattros .

  32. Even if said meny times before, -why on earth this horseshit music to ruin the fabulous video? Why ?

  33. how dare people makes a audi quattro video with music!!!

  34. Die blöde Musik macht alles kaputt

  35. Where i can download this song ?

  36. WHY all this FKN Music to every single video !!! GAAAH !

  37. Adding music to any video with performance engines, racing or w/e is like putting brushing your teeth, and having a swig of orange juice after. You just shouldn’t do it!

  38. audi porno auf rädern………audi besser als sex xD

  39. wie schwul die musik is 😀

  40. Turn the …. music off gayer

  41. Watching the Sportquattro without sound is like listening to your porn movie without video … If you don’t get it, you don’t need to care about the S1 …

  42. my wrx loves bad conditions.

  43. No. Sound is also important, and nobody needs whiny to enjoy rally videos, so why is it in there?

  44. Der macht heute noch so einigen Fahrzeugen Konkurrenz 😀

  45. la musica sobra

  46. agreed 100% with every comment that said get rid of the shitty music. Cool vid otherwise.

  47. pops still has that skill !!

  48. Die 80er, Rallye, Audi und Röhrl… was gibt`s besseres? 🙂

  49. why the fuck did you add music to this?

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