Audi Vs BMW billboard wars

BMW and Audi are two German rivals that have always been fond of taking shots at each other — that’s nothing new. But this rivalry has spawned a new battle where creativity and ad budgets are the weapons.

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  1. The BMW i8 wipes the ground with Audi

  2. I like trains

  3. I can’t help it but smirk as I drive by on my beetle

  4. The e39s on the Mercedes truck hurt a lil bit lmao

  5. how bad that is a fake

  6. For me interior of mercedes is much better then the other cars Btw MB back in 1991 had self closing doors, they are always way ahead of other products. i know this is not video to comment like this but i will .

  7. you forgot the blimp with the bmw formula 1.

  8. only in america they have childish shit like this

  9. Don’t forget atnt Verizon sprint and ll of them were fighting

  10. Does this war ended?

  11. And somewhere sits Toyota with 20 times more sales looking at them like:

    "Look at those peasants…. hhaahha"


  13. but wait the m3 gts and is faster then the r8 ?

  14. Subaru is the best

  15. Mercedes-Benz be like: Thats cute

  16. it’s f*cking funny

  17. BMW can be savage

  18. Porsche > BMW + Audi

  19. please do an update on this

  20. What was the music in the video?

  21. Lmao that 2nd to last obe

  22. If you look at a billboard in GTA it is a Sentinel with the caption ‘Disobey’

    The Sentinel is BMW
    Obey is Audi

  23. Honestly if audi, Mercedes, and BMW somehow teamed up they could make one of the best cars ever.

  24. song?

  25. I have owned both brands and talking strictly by experience, Audi is waaaay better.

  26. e90>a4

  27. Holy shit! The Jaguar is so scared of the BMW it’s running away !!!

  28. And there is Mercedes….and you can suck his d**k

  29. Seen a Volvo one in Edinburgh "Tired of German techno? try some Swedish Metal"

  30. I love BMW AND Audi, I just don’t like those teenagers who buy a 2nd hand bmw or audi so they can drive around as ricers.

  31. That sti ad tho lol 😂😂😂

  32. AUDI – FOREVER !!!

  33. Subaru should say "head gasket failure engine of the year" 1996-2009"

  34. Attack helicopter>AUDI,BMW.

  35. I’ll stick to Rolls-Royce and Bentley waaaay better

  36. can any body tell me which is this music track

  37. When Audi came back with the 6 consecutive Le Mans wins, I was fucking gone.

  38. BMW cant touch the r8 or really any of the RS line of cars.

  39. A good one for Volvo would be a Nazi Panzer tank being split in half by the new XC90.

  40. BMW <3

  41. Audi doesn’t make F1 cars. just saying … 😉

  42. I think both are good.

  43. Honestly if audi, Mercedes, and BMW somehow teamed up they could make one of the best cars ever.

  44. Daaaaamn!!! Mercedes has no chill!

  45. ปิยะมาศ ยาพุฒสืบ


  46. Bimer all the way

  47. Audi was so butt hurted.

  48. bmw bought audi company

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