Audi’s amazing robotic moon rover at the Detroit Auto Show

With Audi’s help, a team of scientists is going after the moon with an all-new rover design — and it could launch next year.

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  1. I watched the whole video just because i couldn’t take my eyes of his perfect hairs.

  2. Except that trip to the mood never happened and it was the most expensive movie ever made. 🤖

  3. for 30mill they could do way better

  4. Very intriguing video.

  5. Awesome

  6. this will finally shut people up about whether the ’69 mission was faked or not.

  7. So Audi will be tailgating on the moon next.

  8. nice

  9. Why this nigga look like he dave from Plants vs Zombies

  10. Good Job Germans!!

  11. Does it run on diesel?

  12. Google Maps on the moon

  13. actually makes sense

  14. No electrical problems right Audi?

  15. …electrical problems…

  16. google moon

  17. new tech for autronuats

  18. The Nazi’s are returning to the moon

  19. Idrankyourcoffeewhileyouwerereadingmyusername

    Nazi’s attempt to colonize the moon

  20. Aww it looks like a dog 🙂

  21. why is it so slow

  22. Google Galaxy debuting in 2080

  23. Elon Musk 2016

  24. i feel like that audi’s lunar is gonna have electrical problems.
    I mean come on, its an audi

  25. hope them success

  26. why does Irish people and technology seemingly go hand to hand what is up with these O & MC s

    does it have to do with Iona and the amazing technology the Gaelic monks developed in the 3rd century

  27. This guy has the worst memes

  28. Detroit?…..C’mon guys. Where exactly are you?

  29. "But space is hard, so good luck to them."… ‘Professional Journalism’

  30. well this thing looks so much nicer than the ones launched by nasa the aliens will be impressed with our fabulous design 😀

  31. This will never land there. Study the remains lol…

  32. first comment

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