Audi’s New OLED Lighting Technology At CES 2013

Audi have long led the way in car lighting design and technology and now they’re pushing the boundaries even further. With laser beams, OLED lighting clusters and their distinctive ‘OLED swarm’ prototype they’re set to continue to lead the competition.

The new laser technology is a safety device designed to make the Audi more visible to following drivers in foggy conditions. Projecting a distinctive triangular beam of light behind the car, it allows drivers to see exactly where the source of the beam is coming from and brake more quickly.

Audi’s OLED technology is the next step from their LED lighting. It uses even less energy than LED lighting and offers more possibilities, such as animated turn signals and complex 3D shapes.

Finally, the OLED swarm shows just how far Audi can go with this new technology. Will we see it in production? Who knows, maybe it’s not that far away.

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  1. This is a terrible idea, it’s just a gimmick. Fortunately it would not be road legal in most countries.

  2. I can see allot of people "Swarming" to their accident attorneys on this one….

  3. Wtf I thought if this first but for phones

  4. See the description for the practical applications of this technology

  5. Looks like a piece of crap

  6. now more people well crash into the cars,

  7. That’s so crazy ((:

  8. Looks awesome, hope to see it in the new q7

  9. You guys are hating way too much on these companies. There are workers/engineers working their asses of to provide safety in traffic, since many do not use reflex clothing. And if pedestrians are not starting to use reflex vests or anything like that. Inventions like these are great. It’s all for the safety and nothing else. Appreciate their work instead, dammit…

  10. Fantastic!!

  11. I hope these OLED rear lights don’t blind me like so many of the LED rear lights today do. Most are way too bright.


  13. GERMANY!!!!!!

  14. i would like to see the customer’s face when Audi tells him how much theese lights cost after a little rearside collision:))

  15. if is sunny day??what i gonna see?

  16. because thats not distracting to other drivers at all … you will never see this used the way they show in the video .. that would just be idiotic.. maybe on NON street legal show cars .. sure.

  17. I doubt there’s any suggestion that Audi will implement this on their road cars as you see it here. It’s a concept. They put the idea out there, get feedback, then refine it for real world use.
    Other manufacturers are starting to look at it too – the Peugeot Onyx concept had OLED panels on the back. This tech is heading for production cars, it’s just a question of how much they tone it down.

  18. It’s too disturbing for drivers, you can’t roll down the street with the screen at the back of your car

  19. Why wouldn’t they go to production for the laser taillight? It’d be an amazing rear fog light. Something that’s not embraced in the USDM market but the rest of the world aren’t idiots and I bet they’d benefit from this.

  20. I’m sure Audi will start rolling it out pretty quickly.

  21. I have the weirdest boner right now

  22. The first bit is the best and most practical for driving. in terms of fog, it could also be used in the front lights to let a car/pedestrian know there is a car coming out of a blind ally ect, plus it could tell the car behind how far away they should be based on the car in fronts speed.

  23. One useful thing that most people aren’t aware of is that LED’s can transmit data.  It has been proven and studied.  LED lighting in your house and now your car can transmit data.  Your car headlights could theoretically communicate with all sorts of things just driving down the street and you’d never even know it.  

  24. completely unreal!

  25. reminds me of the newest tron movie.

  26. EU rules probably do not allow such lights.
    that was the reason why some years ago BMW could not equip the cars with the adaptive break lights, which can glow proportionaly to the force of the braking, giving the rear drivers a better understanding of how hard you brake.

  27. german engineering

  28. Saw these OLED lights on an Audi A4 in prototype camouflage on Autobahn 9 just outside Nuremberg last week. The indicators had that "progress bar" OLED cluster for the tail lights seen in this video. Probably see it on next year’s A4.

  29. The worst thing about relying on individual LEDs: Whey they burn out it looks like trash. Indirect firing techniques would be a better long-term solution to said problem.

  30. wtf

  31. Europeans make the best cars in the world and i think now they make the best headlights in the world!

  32. The swarm OLED setup is freakin awesome but if someone rear ended your car its going to be expensive

  33. I dont think so. It can be a good communication method.. for machines

  34. yea discovered video and sound! Can’t wait till you discover that you can talk instead of stupid music

  35. This could be a nice way of "custom taillights". The back panel could literally be a canvas, for you to use any design you want for them. As long as it’s street legal, of course. 😉

  36. People are going to watch the "swarm" LED light show and forget to brake.

  37. Суки, сделайте сперва нормальные фары, которые не выгорают через полгода! А тут очередные ненужные украшательства за деньги клиентов.

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