AutoFocus – How to adjust your car’s mirrors

Ben Eytalis shows the wrong and the right way to adjust your car’s rear and side view mirrors to eliminate blindspots. You’d be suprised…your mirrors are probably adjusted incorrectly! THIS IS NOT A LANE CHANGE PROCEDURE VIDEO, it is a mirror adjustment video. When changing lanes always use your turn signal, shoulder check, don’t talk on your cell phone, don’t drive while intoxicated, and use common sense.

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Photography & Editing: Ben Eytalis

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  1. Where’s the lane change procedure video?

  2. In addition, using this guy’s technique means relying 100% on your inside mirror (not counting fancy video systems) to see what is coming up more directly behind you. Well sometimes you are driving a pickup truck with a milling machine or a big box or high load of firewood in the back, or you are driving a mini-van with a folding baby sleeper behind the rear seat, and you simply cannot see rearward using the inside mirror. I have driven hundreds of times in this type of situation, and I do not believe there is anything illegal about it where it is actually necessary and not just a matter of the inside mirror being missing. It requires extra care, of course, but can be done safely — IF you have your mirrors adjusted the "old fashioned" way.

  3. The best technique is not to get on anyones blind spot as well.

  4. Thanks man…..👍


  6. this is just stupid and even dangerous. If you lean like that and you get in a accident you will get hurt really bad. If your head is so close to the window you will smash it at a side impact, and that might even kill you. Same for when you lean towards the middle. there is nog airbag there so its dangerous too. We allways learned you look to your left trough the window to check that blind spot and to the right trough both side windows to check that blind spot. And if you find that to hard then get a proper blindspot mirror installed.

  7. One tip is to watch out for drivers who turn their heads to look in the blind spot. They’re the ones who are likely to hit something because they took their eyes from where they’re headed… That’s what mirrors are for, dummies.

  8. not true.. this "sucks"..

  9. Awful way to adjust your mirrors. If you can’t see the side of your car you have no point of reference and will have no idea where you are in relation to cars around you.

  10. This is brilliant! At first it felt wonky and off balance, because I’ve had my mirrors set wrong my whole life! But it works great. There is no time that I cannot see what is in the lane next to me…when a vehicle disappears from my rear-view, it instantly shows up on the side-view mirror.

  11. Won’t see them cars coming from other lanes in highways though without having to look at the rear mirror, so kinda sucks

  12. Yet another point is, if you can just barely see your car door or door handle in the mirror, then you have a reference point for everything else you see in the mirror. Ask any licensed aircraft pilot how quickly the human mind can become disoriented when there is no fixed point of reference visible to a person.

  13. This is RIGHT mirror adjustment. I’m sick and tired of people setting their side mirrors so they can see they’re own car. Your car doesn’t go anywhere and your rear view sees a whole lot yet people so scared to set their mirrors more out and think they’ll crash if they can’t see THEIR car

  14. It depends though. If you are in The Netherlands and you do this you could miss a cyclist that is cycling close to your car which isn’t a good idea either.

    Which is why we check our mirrors and look over our shoulders here before we go to the next lane.. It usually is the safest way to do something like that anyway since then you see all positions and you don’t miss any blind spots at all.

    I leave my mirrors to where I can see the side of the car from the normal driving position for the given reasons and this gives enough mirror in other situations to be safe, like when switching lanes with the technique I talked about.

  15. But now you kill the cyclist you can’t see because your mirror is facing too far away from your car.
    This video contradicts common sense and the way we’re taught to drive.

  16. 👍👍

  17. Why are people making decisions 100% based on just their mirrors anyway?  I was taught to always do a quick head check after seeing nothing in the mirrors.

  18. Yes its very good idea for adjusting the side mirror I used do it

    Sorry, but this advice is very dangerous for anyone who is not used to driving with mirrors adjusted this way.  I did this and unfortunately I’m blaming this tip as one of the contributing factors that got me into a horrible car accident just 2 days after driving with mirrors adjusted this way.  This was my first accident ever, and I’ve been driving with mirrors adjusted the regular way for over 10 years.  If you are driving with no problems then why fix what’s not broken?
    The main problem I see with this advice is that if you follow it then by default when you look at the side view mirror you will mostly see the blind-spot, and not what’s behind you in the left or right lane.  What would you rather see by default, without shifting your body when you look in the mirrors?  The blind spot or the lanes behind you where most cars can be seen?  Shifting your body to look at both the blind spot and what’s behind you is not a habit for most people who drive with their mirrors adjusted the regular way.  They say it takes 21 days to develop a new habit (if you drive every day).  So If you follow this advice, you are risking getting into an accident for at least 21 days.  Good luck!   Changing one habit for another is not easy, so why do it if you’ve got no problems driving in the first place?

  20. You need to see at least a little bit of your car side. Its common sense.
    That way even if someone accidentally turned your mirror, you would know.

  21. Hi there! I have been driving my car with the mirrors adjusted this way and I love it!.  I can clearly see all the cars in the lanes adjacent to me.  However, I have one question.  What if a cyclist comes up really close on the side of you, and the mirror doesn’t catch it because it is a bit too wide.  How would you see the cyclist? Wouldn’t it be dangerous?
    And tell me what you think of this article.  

  22. This guy is in coo coo land. Follow his advise and you have very limited to no ability to accurately and safely back your car, something which is done quite often for the average driver.

    Want to see in your blind spot? Don’t be a lazy putz, turn you head and look over your shoulder. Physical limitations aside, it is very easy, and a heck of a lot safer than this guy’s goofy mirror adjustment methods.

  23. This mirror setting gives you a better view of cars in an adjacent lane, but it makes motorcycles and bicycles coming up along side your car invisible. Overall it’s safer to see a sliver of your own car from the drivers seat.

  24. Maybe you decrease or even eliminate the blind spot way out there, but now you create a new blind spot closer to your car… where you not only cannot turn your neck far enough to see, but also where the danger may be more immediate because of the reduced distance. And as another person commented, now your mirrors are useless for backing up… yeah you can see the birdbath out in your lawn, but you can’t see the toddler in your driveway almost behind you.

  25. كيف تضبط مرأة السيارة

  26. This is wrong mirror adjustment

  27. When passing my driving licence the instructor told me you should just see the rear door handle in the inner bottom corner of the mirror. Plenty of visibility like that, and you can still see just enough of your car to park. The method described in the video is bad, you shouldn’t lean towards the mirrors to set them, that’s complete bullshit : you need to see what’s coming in a glance without moving from your driving position. With the video’s technique, the view is too oriented to the sides, and you won’t be able to actually anticipate what’s a bit further on adjacent lanes. And no matter how you set your mirrors, a blind corner will always remain by design of the vehicle, even if it may not seem so (usually a cone behind the tail lights). So you still need an over-shoulder check.

  28. How he adjusted the rear view mirror was wrong, based on my experience.
    What I do is:
    1. Position your head as if you are driving.
    2. Look at the rear view mirror without moving/turning your head.
    3. Adjust to the desired position.

    Because in turning your head, you’re giving yourself a different angle on the mirror as compared to when you just look at the mirror without moving your head; as like you do when you are driving.

  29. omg today i almost crashed with a dude cuz of the damn blind spot cuz i always forget to check n turn my head i just look at my mirror xD i was super embarrassed lul

  30. Some cars should come standard with Blind Spot monitoring because of "big hips" like the Camaro (really horrible blind spots) or the Dodge Challenger (not as bad as the Camaro but worse than most cars)

  31. if you want to see your blindspot, get towing mirrors, or glance over your shoulder like you’re supposed to, this is unsafe

  32. my side views were perfect till my friend fucked it up by I don’t even know I tried to get it back in the same position but I can’t so now I almost sideswipped 2 people in a month thank god I always look to the back when I switch lanes thanks to this I don’t have to worry as much

  33. Thanks so much for sharing this tip.  Seriously, I am going out to my truck right now to adjust the mirrors accordingly….off I go!

  34. Many tx for the advice. I’ve apparently never had mine quite wide enough, and was too dumb to figure out what to do about it!  I’ll try this "new" setting and see how it works for me — I was getting VERY tired of the blind spot!

  35. Thank you

  36. have to dislike it because I don’t believe in this one. The method my instructor told me is great enough and very useful. Not buying this one sorry. Nice try tho

  37. I recently watched a tutorial that showed how to adjust in accordance with the type of driving you do. What he is demonstrating is for "around town"  but not great for highway driving. 

  38. I don’t agree entirely on the way you adjusted your mirror’s, because some cars that’s the correct way to adjust. My car for example (which btw is a Focus just like the one in the video) has some big ass mirrors that for me the best the adjust them is with your head in place (headrest) and adjust them so that you can just see the door handle’s.

    I’ve have never had a problem and on highway’s I can see up to 3 lanes with each side mirror.

  39. Thank u

  40. how comes America always have orange on the front/headlights?

  41. Thank you, excellent and appreciated.

  42. My daughter came from driver training doing something like this. I was taught years ago to adjust from the normal head position, not so you are wasting half the mirror looking at your own car door, but so you JUST see SLIGHTLY the corner of your door handle. As far as the blind spot… TURN YOUR HEAD AND LOOK!!! If you lean your head way over and adjust completely beyond the side of the car like this guy says, then when you return to the actual driving position your angle of view moves much farther yet away from the side of the car, creating a new blind spot tight alongside the car (and farther back in that same angular zone) which is not easily overcome by turning your head. I do not agree with this video’s technique. If we were incapable of turning our heads, then yes it might be statistically better. But the older technique, combined with turning your head, is a better combination in real life.

  43. This is very good but sometimes unclear.  You lean to set the adjustment for when you are sitting straight up.  Double check is the key. Lean again.   Make sure you hit the spot.  A slightly off setting will create the blind spots others later talk about.  It is the best setting to see the most.  I allow a tolerance for people who need the security of seeing their own car in the picture.  It adds the need for a quick head turn.  The cars you need to see have enough width that not seeing a bit of your car does not keep you from seeing the other. Best prevention is to keep track of the oncoming vehicles.
    I think they should have taken more time to show you exactly what you are supposed to see.
    I kudos Fuzzybeanerizer for thinking of the toddler.  Is it too much to ask that we take 5 seconds and walk around our car before we take off from.  Then be aware of foot traffic YIELD to it and be sure to get out safely before it may show up
    Illegal to change AFTER the solid white.

  44. Point is good, but the method in this video is very poor at best. You start by sitting properly (Most people should learn that as well…), adjust the rear view, note the furthest point on each side of it, then adjust the side mirrors do the points noted at the innermost point of the side view.
    Even with a muscle car’s tiny mirrors I do not have a blind spot.

  45. This was very informative,thanks very much

  46. tnks forthe info, but this guy either gonna cause an Accident or get Run Over..

  47. this looks like a great technique to back into the side of my garage

  48. Adjust the mirrors so you can see the doorhandle on the backdoor in the lower corner of the mirror. That’s the correct method

  49. You could do this technique or you know not be lazy, check your blind spots with your own eyes and not rely entirely on your mirrors

  50. it’s simple, your side mirrors should take over where your rear view mirror ends each side. So you should never be able to see the side of your car in the side mirrors

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