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  1. There are still humans. Further automation needed.

  2. Is this why my 335i had so many issues>? fukin wasted 40k on the shittiest car ever. BMW wha ta joke.

  3. fully automated? i can see more people than in a mine

  4. Really Awesome

  5. Disappointed to still see some humans around.

  6. Still ton of room for automation
    > Computer eye vision for defects + feather busting after the paint
    > Attaching the tires
    > Driving the car from the production line to the testing and further to shipping (Tesla autopilot)

  7. "fully automated"? Impressive perhaps, but FULLY automated it is not. There are still people working there. This is by no measure a "lights out" factory where the robots completely manufacture the product around the clock, to the benefit of us humans.

  8. i have a brand new design

  9. There are still workers along the production lines. So, the production is not fully automated. Do you know the share of fully automated factories around the world? I would be grateful for answer. Anyway thanks to share it!

  10. very good video.

  11. Anybody who thinks that Trump (or Bernie Sanders, for that mater) can "bring back manufacturing jobs" needs to watch this video. Those jobs are gone forever. This is the factory in Spartanburg NC, and is not science fiction. It’s today’s reality. Bringing back manufacturing does not bring back (many) jobs.

  12. People being replaced by machines.

  13. so the model type is just glued to the body? good to know

  14. Robot creating another robot!

  15. I wonder what it costs to manufacture?

  16. Those are not humans, they are androids!

  17. Well i still spot a few humans doing wipe down after the paint job, assembling the doors, the dashboard, screwing the BMW seal and the final QA inspections… these are more trivial than the main assembly work already done by robotics. So it is obvious that these can definitely be automated eventually in the near future as well.

    If these remaining tasks are automated then, the word "fully" in the video title will rings more true. Scary and yet exciting video even though i do not own a car myself. If truly automated, we only need humans to do premises guardroom duty, unless we plan to even contemplate automate this by giving security systems arms to shoot at intruders.

  18. That’s not fully automated

  19. Çalışanlara büyü park yerleri ayırmak gerekmiyor sanırım..

  20. And who maintains the robots? The robots have to be constantly inspected for proper calibration and maintained. If a human doesn’t perform this task the robots will start fucking up the cars, loose nuts, faulty welds, someone dies because the unibody tore apart at the seams and they got ejected into oncoming traffic.

  21. ohh saint Karl Marks

  22. misleading title ..

  23. WOW We’ve come along way, what about the Robot protestant workethic that conservatards echo lol, and the robot wage gap that femtards echo lol !?

  24. What is that factory’s capacity? What is the dollar/person ratio?

  25. Honestly every single job you see done by a human in this video could have been automated as well. The only jobs that may need to be done by humans are inspectors, maintenance, inventory, and other analytical positions.

  26. If no one has a job who will buy? The us now Germany’s third world.

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