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  1. Surprised the tach and speedo don’t work.

  2. 3:50 cruising on the freeway at 0 mph and 0 rpm. The car is owned by a professional auto technician, so I doubt the speedo and tach are broken. Does he just disable them to keep miles off the odometer?

  3. What’s with the shitty "Late Night TV" music?

  4. These videos are great, but why does this one start with smooth jazz at the intro? LOL

  5. I’ve figured out the Drive network secret. Look for a car that has the combo: race car, show car, driver story. Ez money

  6. This car is trully awesome, but that red tone página looks like shit. But what an amazing built

  7. He lost me when he said "Falken-tyres…"A German Porsche needs to run tyres out of their neighborhood:French Michelins and not some cheap rubber from India.

  8. Car is sick, just put a headliner in it, believe me it won’t weigh it down!

  9. Awsome

  10. You had me at "it’s a track car that’s street legal"

  11. fuck me, that fucking sound.

  12. nice work !

  13. 100lb of dynamat wouldn’t absolutely ruin the car…

  14. Does it come in yellow?

  15. shame the gauges don’t work…

  16. Ok I see that you like BBi. But you can spank these cars using a Superlite SLC. It’s a race car for the track that you can use on the street. ((((Find one))))

  17. Does Matt even see anything through those sunglasses?
    Because they look more like solid steel than glass.

  18. Done perfectly!

  19. Those rims are hideous

  20. Did anyone else notice that matt is wearing a Rolex Yacht Master? Didn’t realize he had that kind of money. Unless its a fake.

  21. 1:17 a young and wild Zack Klapman makes an appearance!

  22. Was the speedo and rev counter not working?

  23. Love this car and the 997 turbo S from the first episode, BBi really know how to build a real drivers car not just some headline grabbing big horsepower monster. As much as I love Porsche, I would love to see them take on other makes.

  24. Great car and great video but, for the love of god, drop the soft jazz in the background …

  25. name of the song at 2.30? 😉

  26. its funny coz he is probably half the weight of the car xD
    not offence taken right mat?
    i was only joking i love u man

  27. 80s 911? at least have the code, talk about homework

  28. so beautiful

  29. A very geeky car, not what Dr. Porsche would feel excited about. This guy does not understand cars. If you want a race car build S fucking all out race car that stays in the garage most of its life. If u want to build a fast fun car that can be enjoyed at all times then build a car like Singer does. They have got the philosophy spot on. This car is shit, has no value for me.

  30. under 2200 omg!

  31. hate the color, but beautiful build and engineerd 911….

  32. It looks as if Porsche has tipped their hat to this build philosophy with the new 911R.

  33. hmmmmmmm we have an 85 carrera. 😄😄😄

  34. by the time you finnished you could have built a turbo cayman and had a better car


  36. God the way that thing must rev, drool

    not a bad way to spend 25k+ worth of engine work…

  37. The speedometer and the tachometer are OFF!

    I guess he only made 100k on this car so far…

  38. Manufactures so obsessed with Nürburgring time it seems, I’d much rather a 6 speed manual then those awful panel shifters. It should be about how it makes you feel as a driver, not about taking away that feeling for faster lap times.

  39. Why do you wear your watch on your right hand?

  40. Zack swinging the gopro at the end made me vomit almost.

  41. What kind of sunglasses are you wearing?

  42. Checking this awesome video in 10 march 2017 and the gt3 is back in a manual ❤️❤️❤️

  43. 965 Non-turbo body.

  44. my dream Porsche for sure but maybe mine will have sound insulation

  45. I fucking hate the living crap out of it, omg that noise is unbearable as shit.
    I wouldn’t care if it was worth a billion dollars, drove like nothing else and smelled like angel piss, that sound would either make me kill myself or push it off a cliff, a very HIGH cliff at that, wouldn’t want it to land in a restorable state.

  46. …. yeah another track car that is street legal …. If you guys have ever had one like this and/or perhaps in different colors and shapes, regardless yet driving something like this on the street get’s R.O.R.F. (Real Old – Real Fast )… If you wanna track car do it, build it and drive it on the track … If you want an enjoyable streetable car, trust us then go do just that ….

  47. Love the video, love the car, and I actually love the background music!

  48. That is beautiful

  49. How is this street legal? How does it pass smog?

  50. I come back and watch this video from time to time. Dream car

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