Beat The Devil (BMW Short Film)

Briliant short movie staring Clive Owen, James Brown, Gary Oldman and a BMW Z4 for a drag race on the Las Vegas strip!
And don’t forget the “It’s Marilyn, the creep from down the hall!” bit at the end!

Directed by: Tony Scott

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  1. the song at 8 09??

  2. Lol @ Danny Trejo as BOB

  3. Excellent series. I can’t wait for the new ones.

  4. My Dad @ Work lol _:;: )=))) Hell yeah

  5. i love this. Oldman is my fucking hero

  6. Beware the ‘Crossroads’; it where a foolhardy man can lose his soul.

  7. vean esta maravilla

  8. Best web film ever….

  9. this would be an awesome full length film!

  10. fuck the illumnanti

  11. HAHAHA. Marilyn brought the Bible as a threat/nuisance. Think about it. 😉 haha.

  12. 8:08 I love how Lucifer and his Demon are trying to recover from his ‘contract’ with James Brown. HAHAHA

  13. love it! Thanks for sharing Matt Dudas

  14. A lot of years has passed. Everytime I re-visit this, still amazing to me…
    RIP Tony Scott
    Long live to Gary Oldman

  15. Woir-woir

  16. DOPE!

  17. bless his soul…

  18. What the…great!

  19. hmmm. a z4 beating a 7.0L supercharged Trans Am? um no. Not happening.

  20. Baco Exu do Blues me trouxe aqui

  21. The very best one they made 🙂

  22. I thought he did say that…. He looks like an old black Chinese woman!

  23. Song at 0;21 ?

  24. Iae alguém conseguiu legendado ou dublado ?? Salva ae leo kkk

  25. Woir-woir

  26. This is SOO awesome!  3:30 and then some is hilarious!  \m// \m//

  27. True, true. xD

  28. I LOVE IT!!!..:-D I knew it All Entertainers have made some kind of Deal with the Devil!.. They just All need to be honest like good ole James Brown did…Rest well Godfather of Soul♥ 😀

  29. Хорошоооо)))

  30. I love this short, is my fave of all times…. Gary and Manson, amazing.

  31. hey you’re a Sandor too :p

  32. причем тут BRMC?

  33. Subliminal messages

  34. Marilyn Manson! <3

  35. Complaining about the noise?

  36. GodlessDamn, I love this short!

  37. why is manson not involved till the very fuckn end

  38. salve rap box

  39. Brilliant indeed…Love you Oldman. James Brown is still fascinating as ever. Owen is really great.

  40. The film is great, but I hate the looks of the z4. -.-

  41. Uh what just happened?

  42. what if this happened for real?

  43. selling your soul. illuminati coded message

  44. Beyond awesome. 

  45. L’immortale James Brown

  46. My favourite out of all the BMW films.

  47. Why cant i view the video i picked? Censorship is a bitch!

  48. 8:08 "It’s that creep from down the hall…"
    R.I.P. Tony Scott http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001716/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

  49. Что это за [eqня?

  50. Gary Oldman serious makes everything so cool and creepy at the same time

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