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  1. Did he say the Bentley is 500K?  I think loaded with everything it is a little under 300K, and you can get for low 200s

  2. The Bentley management and engineers are Germans. It’s a very german car and based on a Volkswagen. Also Aston Martin is becoming more and more germanized. Brits can’t build cars.

  3. Still take the Pepper.

  4. awesome cars. gay review

  5. i think the new porsche cayenne turbo s (570 hp 590 lb torque) will be faster than bentley

  6. $533,000 for a Bentley WOW

  7. Your msrps are exaggerated

  8. power in kw…apla malakes….

  9. they should bring the panamera if they want a fair drag race, but silly british people, they are afraid from the PDK transmission, they don’t want there car to lose 

  10. guys can you do a drag race of BENTAYGA vs PORSCHE CAYENNE TURBO S…

  11. If I were to pick a heavyweight car it would not be something that looks like an obese mutant. Scrap the Cayenne, gimme the Bentley.

  12. бентли для лохов :))

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