Best iPad 2 install into car, motorized. SBN 2011 Porsche Cayenne S by Underground auto styling

Now available for iPad Mini! (Contact us for more details).

By far the most innovative install at SBN 2011. A fully motorized iPad 2 integration in the dash of a Porsche Cayenne S. Not only does it provide security but provides adjustable viewing and operational angles.When fully open it reveals a Pioneer double din DVD unit behind it. This first of its kind install had its debut at Spring Break Nationals in Daytona Beach FL at the Phoenix Gold Stinger booth. All work was performed by Underground auto styling in Sarasota Srq Florida. The graphic content of the iPad also displayed on all the 9 tv screens via an iSimple cable. A Phoenix ti2 10″ subwoofer, component speakers and the new SD amps provided the audio. The Cayenne had custom 26″ wheels and lights also done by Underground. Underground now has an iPad mini motorized and non motorized kit for sale. Contact them via Facebook at underground autostyling.

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  1. this is not a car. this is multimedia center

  2. Amazing x

  3. how did you get the ipad screen to show on the rest of the screens??

  4. I understand the reason for having a head unit. It was more for the fact that you have to slide out both devices to get to the cd player. But if you’re looking to make it clean and not visible, you hit it right on the button.

  5. i can do it for 50 bucks

  6. this install makes all the other ipad installs out there like child’s play. We now have a motorized ipad mini kit coming. follow us on instagram @undergroundauto or on this youtube channel for updates.

  7. hly shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttt

  8. What is the make and model of the double din head unit

  9. Sic

  10. I so want that car i mean iCar

  11. freaking awesome. Where can I get a kit like this want to do my Range but need some advice..

  12. Why Is It Jailbroken???

  13. Nice tight I got do this in my trailblazer ls

  14. I love technology, but this is stupid

  15. yes we actually have a model for the ipad mini already, we can retrofit for the tablet. we can ship to europe

  16. Too many screens. That is Porsche abuse!

  17. Any tips how to do this for 7" tablet ? I’m from europe 🙁

  18. i dont know if id be using cd’s much anymore

  19. the motorized ipad install exactly like this is $3500 not including ipad or radio.

  20. just take out the windshield, put some LCD or plasmas and put two external cameras with night vision and everybody will enjoy a cinema view all the time…..

  21. Well I wouldn’t mind having a motorized tablet install in my 2013 challenger but 3500 bucks geez…..

  22. around how much is something like this cost for a chrysler 300c

  23. So I assume that the kit comes with the bezel? (where the vents are located etc…) Also where did you relocate the emergency/psm/heated seats switches ?

  24. both ebay uavinc , website is undergroundautostyling

  25. thank you

  26. dude pls… that rev count app can work in a Uno Fire……

  27. you rob banks for a living? wtf

  28. very nicely done, but why need to have so many monitors??

  29. the kit is available on ebay for $899. The total for the motorized ipad with labor etc is around $3000.

  30. Jail brake it and download display out and u can run threw aux

  31. in the settings you can possibly set it to control from the ipad/ipod instead of the deck.

  32. Now you can rest your coffee when it is watching The Simpsons.
    Very nice anyway 🙂

  33. its a show car so everything was done to the extreme to attract attention.

  34. Very clean install looks sweet bro

  35. How much does this cost for installation? I have a porsche Cayenne

  36. I have a 2006 cayenne turbo s I want this 🙂

  37. Ok, then feel free to recieve dislikes

  38. dvd, back up camera, fm, sirius etc there are many reasons to have something in addition to an ipad.

  39. I found your website, you are located in Sarasota, Florida. What would it cost for a kit for a motorized Ipad install kit for a BMW E39? Or a professional installation done by your shop. I am in San Jose, California.

  40. I had the same problem bro! I’m using a JVC KW-AVX830 double din. I accidentally fixed that problem by holding down my AUX/Ipod button on the radio for 2 seconds so that it switches from "Head Mode" to "Ipod Mode" meaning you now control everything from you ipod instead of your head unit.

  41. Not distracting what so ever when driving

  42. yo dawg i heard you like screens so i put some screens inside your screens

  43. wow

  44. mmm use less i really don’t understand why people put tvs in the trunk .I can understand it for a mobster that has someone in the trunk and does not want him to get bored before a concrete bath!!!

  45. *brrrrrrrrrrrr* eh not bad, but thats not ‘the best’ *BRRRRRR* … okay you win.

  46. You + the 42 idiots that up voted your comment can should be euthanized.


  48. Do you guys have a website where i can learn more about this product? even like ebay or something

  49. How did you motorize the ipad. I want to do the same in my RX-8. thanks

  50. How do you get iPad and the head rest play YouTube and stuff?

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