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Bikes vs. Cars, a new film project from BANANAS! * and Big Boys Gone Bananas! * director Fredrik Gertten. Climate change and the daily stress of being locked up in a car frustrate people more than ever. People in cities around the world take on the bicycle as a Do It Yourself tool for change. But still: Car sales are booming. 1 billion cars today. 2 billion in 2020.

A film by Fredrik Gertten
Release 2014

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  1. The Cars will be First to Go.

  2. I’m from colombia?and i proud that our capital bogota has more bike lanes.than any city in usa.

  3. what waltz is used in this video?

  4. With all due respect, but many cyclists (especially people who don’t have a driving licence like teenagers) seem to be ignorant of traffic regulations and how their behavior can obstruct motor vehicles. Cycling without lights during dark and rainy weather, cycling in the blind spot of a car, cycling next to each other leaving cars little to no room to pass or even cycling while intoxicated.

  5. Incredible documentary…

  6. u suck

  7. youtube.com/watch?v=eV8miE0DpEc

  8. Quando será que vou conseguir assistir esse filme! =/

  9. Wait, so cyclists are the ones pushed out by motorists now? When did this happen?
    In my experience (in the Netherlands), roads are more and more changed to be more cyclist friendly and to discourage motorists, with more one way traffic roads and roads being blocked for motorized traffic.

  10. Comparto el esperado documental ‘Bikes vs cars’, dirigido por el sueco Fredrik Gertten, estreno fue el sábado 30 de Mayo 2015. FILTRADO EN EXCLUSIVA. Disfrútenlo. ( Hace un recorrido por ciudades como Sau Pablo, Los Angeles, Bogotá, Copenhague) No se lo pueden perder.

    Full Documental: youtube.com/watch?v=vabmng89baU&feature=youtu.be

    Por favor Compartir

  11. If you use an automobile to transfer only your self less than 5 miles, you are a lazy jerk. Bikes are the solution, not the problem.

  12. I think the whole history of road construction and car driving has been immoral. Think of it. Several generations of people took so much of the earth for themselves. And in the process ruined so much of the ecosystem. They took so much resource of the world. Those generations made decisions that will affect so many generations to come. The whole car-project ignores the needs of children: that of having a safe environment in which to play. And cars continue in the face of global warming.

  13. So many ignorant idiots who probably were too poor to have a bicycle as a child, now they want to act like cyclists are a bother instead of just letting them ride.

  14. 7 angry car drivers in the area…. 😉

  15. I have two cars and I have two bikes. I love them all, I used them all but there’s no way a bycicle can do what a car does. That’s stupidity. We need cars for many obvious reasons. So putting one thing against the other is stupid. Both have to coexist. And all they say about the traffic jams is not so true. I just get up early and I get the roads empty and always a place to park.

  16. I have seen the movie. Nowhere in the movie did they suggest that a car replaces a bike anymore than an airplane replaces a car.

  17. I have seen the movie. Nowhere in the movie did they suggest that a car replaces a bike anymore than an airplane replaces a ca

  18. Buenos Aires also! Fortunately there are many cities fighting and the world needs it!

  19. The car is physical evidence you see every single day, that shows the inability of the human species to deal with reality, and it also shows how unintelligent these people are who use a car.

    Intelligent is defined by having two abilities.

    The first, is your ability to understand.

    The second, which is the most important part of being intelligent, which of course is having the ability to act upon what you understand.
    It is how you create problems, not been able to act upon what you understand

  20. maybe that fat inbred Canadian mayor should get off his disgusting obese backside and try riding to work.

  21. This movie will hasten the revolution that is coming to urban areas.

  22. So you think just car can stop at the traffic lights?

    Or, you already bought this road?


  23. A good car is a crashed car !
    Long life to bike riders !
    May Saudi Arabia implode and oil price go up !

  24. Great short!

  25. Add Santiago, Chile to this! I, have been biking to school with my two small children, to work and around town for the past 6 years here. I was asked if I was a ‘Mormon" (why I still do not know) or just not rich enough to own a car. (our car is a 2006 & has less than 60,000 kms) Now its becoming "cool" to bike in the city. The movement has started.

  26. Jakarta needs more bicycle

  27. Tack för en mycket bra film ! Hoppas fler ser den här filmen.

  28. train is the best or even better high speed internet

  29. Fuck off VS.
    Bikes AND cars

  30. And many drivers are dangerous. What’s your point? People are people.

  31. In Mexico, where can I get the full documentary? Is in the network (like Youtube)?

  32. So because you had a problem with ONE cyclist, all cyclist are the cancer of the roads? would you mind using your brain before writing on this forum? the increasing number of cyclists is allowing you to better circulate with your car, and reducing the pollution in your city.

  33. As a driver of an Ambulance for over 10+ yrs I can say that you morons on bicycles that have that sense of entitlement to rule the road are smugger and worse drivers than Prius owners. You want the same rights as vehicles, but abide by none of the same laws you say you’re entitled to. I love riding my bicycle but I have no delusions about being placed on equal grounds as a moving vehicle, say like a SEMI-Truck. All major cities should have designated bike lanes, and that’s where you belong.

  34. Good job guys.
    Keep it up, we’re behind you! 🙂

  35. A great film! Like sport and urban cyclist that promotes everyday the Bike to Work, I think that the directors of the future will have the courage to once again on the safety of vulnerable categories of road, revisiting our urban centers to the urban level. Just listen Directors still confined to an idea obtuse, medieval, servile and courtesan to powerful oil multinationals of turn! The future is now green, in the renewable energy!

  36. (Y) <3

  37. Cyclists are the cancer of the roads. I had a cyclist lean on my car at the traffic lights once, so I chucked my car in to reverse and took off in the other lane. The rude prick then reported me to the police. Funnily enough, he was the one that got the fine, not me.

  38. When is the release?

  39. Rob Ford what an idiot

  40. I’m with you 110% on that one. When I’m riding around town I can help but to notice all the lazy people.

  41. maybe that fat inbred Canadian mayor should get off his disgusting obese backside and try riding to work.

  42. totally agree!

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