Black Guy Breaks Into A Car

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Is there a difference between a white guy trying to break into a car vs a black guy? Two guys test a well-known stereotype on the streets of Los Angeles.

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I forgot to mention: It’s Black History Month.

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  1. It’s all about how you dress, put that black dude in skinny jeans and a turtleneck and have him get a haircut then re-do the prank.

  2. Yea dude didn’t fit the description for that car. Clothes hair shoes.

  3. Racist/pig lives don’t matter

  4. aLIEn Murderous Vipers always got anonomous excuses

  5. its just like that movie "national security"

  6. All thay are is raises.

  7. but the white bloke look mexican

  8. Russell Westbrook #Westbeast #2017mvp #LilRuss


  9. No surprise…I’ve gotten my car broken into 5 fucking times by, yeah you guessed it, black people

  10. Do these guys have a death wish?

  11. dis soo unfare dad blag duhde arrestet zo quik liek not evn faif minets adn wide gai der for yuge amuont leik halve un houer. sad pruvs RASIcm aleiv en whel. moar affirmadative agdion and taffer lows geinst marijuaner plis

  12. Imao cop already had his gun out

  13. That’s so fucking messed up

  14. jacking off makes me happy

  15. Breh

  16. Please do not say shit about how racism does not exist. IT AINT A WAR IF AINT NO BLOOD!!!

  17. I hope BLM kills these fucking pigs.

  18. The black guy shoul dress as nice as the white guy. Next time, have the black guy wearing nicer clothes.

  19. that moment the popo drive by the white man breaking in car…..

  20. this would be a little more consistent, if the black guy dressed the same way Jason did. The black guy was dressed like a homeless dude, so you can’t really call that pure race in the picture/


  22. Russell Westbrook #Westbeast #2017mvp #LilRuss

    Look at White people trying to make excuses and shit. just can’t except it…

  23. Fucked up

  24. how about we all just shut up and watch simple misfits yeah?

  25. The car before was parked in a under populated community! Now the car is parked on a busy street. Of course people will look now and call police. When the spanish guy tried to break in there was barely any pedestrians on the street.

  26. I agree…. redo this video but dress both guys/girls in the same nice outfit….

  27. look at the clothes, the black guy defenetely seems a thief. the white one seems a good boy

  28. black men should have separated from white society for good a long time ago.


  30. For all the people spouting nonsense about black people do more crime..

    Please google Drug and race convictions.

    White people do more drugs than black people (drugs cost money and on average, white people have more money)

    Yet black people are convicted at a higher rate than white people. Now how is that reasonable?

  31. wow that sucks

  32. OK I took a deep breath and choose to see the situation a this light.

    1) Black guy trys to open car door gets arrested.
    2) White guy with a child that looks fearful *pedophile alert, so gets arrested.

  33. So sad

  34. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, dumbasses.

  35. what happened when you showed this in court…..

  36. It’s because of statistics, not stereotypes. The truth is the truth. I guess you think you’re supposed to be an open-minded, "good" guy because you are trying to uncover the prejudices against blacks, but you’re being just like them–always trying to find a white person to point a finger at. "That’s racist!" So annoying.

  37. all are equl dont mame defrnce between black or white . rich poor.

  38. In germany you would get tackeld no matter who does it…

  39. Lol white ppl will always be on top along with the devil. For now…

  40. what the fuck it was 10 fucking cops fuckin hate racist

  41. Not very accurate. Show me the same location, same people passing by and itll be far more accurate

  42. This is a classic example of how whites think that they can do no wrong, no matter if it’s theft, lying, rape, murder, land grabbing "Palestine, S.Africa & so on.White males arrested for crime get sent home that day while Black males get the book thrown at them and cops get away with murder because in their brethren’s eyes they can DO NO WRONG !!

  43. I giving hate these "social experiments"

  44. not the police road pass and did nun

  45. I’m so triggered a fucking cop drives past the first guy and nobody pay any attention but this nigga got him self arrested without hesitation nor questions 👈😷😂😂

  46. well who gives a fuck. Blacks brought this upon themselves with their behavior in public, they deserve do be hated on………

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