BMW 1 Series M Coupe vs BMW M3

To the M badge faithful, the BMW 1 Series M Coupe signals a return to form. But is it? Benchmarking the 1M against an M3 would seem the perfect way to find out.

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Shot By: Gordon Green and Corey Denomy
Edited By: Gordon Green

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  1. That Carlos guy has the most annoying american accent I’ve heard in a long while

  2. agreed infantile car review. come on guys inform the audience with an engaging review.

    must do better.

  3. the series 1 coupe is the best looking bmw for years!

  4. Tossable, like cookies ? @6:35

  5. super lame….didn’t assist in ny purchasing of an m product at all -_-

  6. Great cars..shame about the absolutely terrible top-gear-try-hard-bickering, woeful jokes and utterly lame commentary

  7. Two guys measuring their dicks, swapping, and can`t decide which one is on top. I`m driving worst bmw coupe with the most undesirable engine they could put in it, and I`m happy, no need to show my dick at all…

  8. 135i owner checking in. I put 6k into my car and am beating the 1M, M3’s M5’s and GT-R’s all day and night. Tune, downpipe, exhaust, LSD, new turbines in the turbos. Oil cooler and FMIL

  9. why people buy white cars :X

  10. lol with smg gearbox you always lose not bashing autos but still

  11. I’ll take one of both..sickness!

  12. Eww

  13. Sucks it doesn’t have a dct option. Would be the fastest little car lol

  14. it’s like I’m watching the sesame street version of Top Gear. don’t ever watch motor trend before 2014…

  15. No hids in the m1? For the price that’s the least they can do.

  16. Dude cant grow facial hair so he picks on the fat guy. I guess I would have some issues too if I looked like a ten year old in my late 40’s.

  17. Sorry guys looks a bit to fake.

  18. There are 2 things why I would want to buy the e92 M3 over the 1M…….The looks are much better & the engine is a lot better 4.0 na V8…M3 for me 🙂

  19. Im in total shock what the hell, the 1M coupe is not special?? what the hell are you guys talking about?? I have no words…

  20. Wow.. MotorTrend has come such a long way since 2011… LUL

  21. Everyone rips on the 1M for somehow looking ugly……..but really? Ugly? Everything seems handsome about that car.

  22. bmw 335! win

  23. These pair of douches couldn’t be more wrong? The1M is a future collectible and is going up in value meanwhile the m3 isn’t. Fuck them.

  24. funniest review ever!!

  25. was that Salmon Falls north of Folsom lake Northern California?

  26. bullshit.
    there is more room in the m3 to pick up chicks. not ONE chick.because that is all the tin can can fit.
    more room for subs too.
    more room for fat old men.
    bigger wheels. equals cool wheel options for M3 FTW!
    and the 135 i is a chick car. gay.and looks dumb all skinny and tall like someone kicked it in the ass end.
    a man man’s car is the M3 V8 by comparison. 8000 rpm. and a man’s growl. mean.
    the 135i sounds like… well. crap.

  27. passing on a double yellow smh

  28. "RPMs"?! revolutions per minutes?… stop it.

  29. I didn’t learn anything

  30. 2002 Turbo is cute!

  31. Great video IMO

  32. had you said "the 1 series M isn’t special" in the beginning of this video, I would have saved my time from watching this video to find someone who appreciates individual/unique cars. You’ve got it all wrong too. i say this because the m3 is nothing special besides its high rev v8 and THATS IT. bmw fell off hard with its design & interior. On the contrary, the 1m coupe has the legendary inline 6 twin turbo motor which ALONE surpasses the v8 motor. The 1m exterior also speaks for itself opposed to the m3. most people can and will vouch for me on this note….

  33. 1m is better

  34. think these two should just get it over with and fuck. weirdos.

  35. Skipped everywhere.. they never race. They just repeat what a car commercial would say except with regular voices and PG-13 insults..

  36. The OG head to head

  37. Hahah this was fucking great, these two are my favorites

  38. Omg I want a 1…not the M…just a normal one, make a few enhancements (exhaust, intake, …love the size and look

  39. Their conclusion is funny given that the 1M has FAR more character. The M3 is one of many in a great, but dying lineage. This is why 1M’s have skyrocketed in value. And damn, MotorTrend was so cringey 5 years ago…

  40. as an enthusiast, 3 minutes of this made my ears bleed

  41. ///M CLOWNSHOE is the one 👌

  42. I love watching MT but holy shit these two are super annoying in this vid :/

  43. Great comparison. I’d definitely lean towards the m3 first just because I’m a bit biased but they are both great cars. Maybe one day I can do a review of my own.

  44. Shit I love my e92 M but I’m sure that turbocharged power plant can be hella fun too. They were lightweight corny with the dialogue lol

  45. this is rubbish

  46. The 1M is not the most powerfull staight 6 M engine made… at the time it still was the E46 M3… the 1M had 340cv and the M3 had 343 and in the M3 CSl it had 360!

  47. 7:11 brake check that hunchback dwarf

  48. Holly crap MT video production quality has a come a long way. Johnny and Carlos are light years more entertaining and presentable today to say the very least

  49. I think the 1m is better looking then the m3

  50. These videos cater to the car guys not the driving enthusiasts. It’s annoying. 😑

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