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  1. R.I.P Georg Plasa 

  2. Ha il motore di una formula 1 grazie che va cosi !

  3. That’s spine tingling-ly good

  4. The absolute record was 1:29:xx which comes in at 149.5 km/h or 92.9 mph average with a standing start and 233 height meters on the rising course. Plasa averaged 135.4 km/h / 84.1 mph average in 2011.

  5. flat-crank V8’s have a music that all their own! No wonder the V8 Ferraris sound so good…and I’m a Porsche fan!

  6. sum 1 said a nascar motor sounds better. i say this car sounds better AND can out corner a nascar cup car at anytime lol oh yeah i live in nascar country north carolina

  7. wonderful

  8. listen to the TC popping away at 1:10

  9. RIP Georg

  10. rip man

  11. 4 months later and this video still gives me a boner 

  12. …and why hasn’t this car been in a game yet?! This things gives me the shivers everytime I watch it. So much win!

  13. its been a while since i seen this before the crash, R.I.P

  14. Der Sound von dem Wagen war fantastisch, erst das Ansauggeräusch und dann das infernalische V8 Kreischen.

  15. What a brutal symphony.

  16. The sound of these cars is disturbing.  They would most certainly wreck shit.

  17. omg that’s sound

  18. Sounds like an F1 engine. Judd built an F1 engine back in the late 80s and early 90s, so I wonder if this is based on their V10 F1 engine?

  19. I need one of these beasts in my car.

    "What kind of engine you got in there?"

    "A V8…."

    "That all?"

    "Care to race me and find out?"

    Queue ear splitting noise.

  20. Nascar engines operates at 7-10k rpm, F1 operates at 14-18k rpm, huge difference.

  21. Tutte le volte che lo guardo è un emozione unica, che tempi ciao Plasa

  22. Hillclimb Fell-Thomm rip georg

  23. plasa (RIP) was one crazy man… essentially took a BMW car and put a frickin F1 engine in it…

  24. Awesome sounds, but not quite BMWish! Looks like a series 1 BMW had sex with a F1 and this car was born! 

  25. Gosh, can you imagine taking this thing for a spin?

  26. What kind of V8 is in this thing?

  27. eri il migliore georg

  28. in GT5 they say almost like a F1 car, at ~10.000 rpm (and nascar cars are always running on same rpm on the race tracks at 4th gear (or 5th?))

  29. whats the displacement?

  30. RIP

  31. the noise is soo mean like wtf

  32. Can I put this in my M3 direct swap no tuning no fab no nothing

  33. Georg and this car doubled the spectator turnout at hillclimbs all over Europe

  34. engine like f1

  35. RIP George.  in case anyone wants to see what happened here is a link
    its sad to watch but I feel it should be shared.   

  36. I can’t believe he has been dead for 3 plus years now. Miss you Georg!

  37. SOOO ANGRY!!!!  if the Hulk drove a car this would be it.
    my goodness I’m in love and scared all at the same time and I like it..

  38. THE NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THIS ENGINE!!!

  39. so the driver allready died, hmm its a kind of sad around here RIP georg. May god bless the dead.

  40. imagine how cool i would be if i go to school with this car :33

  41. GT5 is a fucking game, not real life. God please give me strength….

  42. Isn’t the judd hk v8 based on the s65 v8 engine then modified by judd to be 3.6l and rev to 10k rpm? Therefore I believe it still has a German engine.

  43. 9000Rpm,4.0L V8?
    F1 Sound.

  44. Judd motors, the only Judds who sound good! 😉

  45. Unglaublich dieser Sound! So ein schönes Fahrzeug ….. Fehlt auf jedem Rennen!!! R.I.P Georg Plasa!

  46. Fresh

  47. Nascars run at 7-10k rpm in the final gears, yes but generally do not go that high, 2013 Nascar examples, v=dawTPtI0i9g for a big track and here for a smaller track, v=XIvR-xr1fMU (where they change gears at 10k)

    But F1s are a totally different beast. They sound like idling at 8k rpm and coast at 10k rpm. In a race they should never dip below 10k rpm(maybe 1 sec in a hairpin) and when accelerating the action is above 14-15k rpm, most often between 16k and 18k.

    F1 video (2013), v=kuRlqPbLoOY


  49. 00:50 I love that downshift

  50. Die guten alten Zeiten von Fell nach Thomm düsen. Schade, dass das gestrichen wurde. Zur Freude für die Anwohner. Zur Enttäuschung der Fans. Denn wofür gibt es die Strecke heute noch? Wenn man von Fell nach Thomm möchte benutzt man normalerweise die Umgehung….

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