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  1. of course it had to be L.A.

  2. so is the 1m coupe better than e92 m3? im in the market for one or the other but unsure which is the better buy, ive always wanted an m3, but this m coupe is sick performance wise thats what im most interested in performance and which engine layout is better suited to modification, can anyone fill me in? thanks in advance

  3. @4lifefc they’ll keep your head in one piece for the funeral’s convenience

  4. C’mon that’s clearly fake, see how it moves

  5. save you when you fall off the green screen

  6. Much has been achieved through this act.

  7. so fake. both commercials

  8. A friend of mine has been working in this exact building management. The thing is a video edit, a car has never driven like that on the top of that building. Ever. Good luck in a fake world, BMW…

  9. San Andreas

  10. Por si se golpea VS el parabrisas y pierde el control  OBVIO babas

  11. protect your eyes for organ donation

  12. brb doing this on GTA V

  13. Is it real? İt looks GTA V.

  14. I never thought I’d ever say this myself but…

  15. 93 people work in the office buildings next door

  16. Actually , Los Santos .

  17. helicopter maybe ???

  18. the same skyscrapper is there in gta SAN ANDREAS

  19. Boss Mode, only in a BMW!

  20. I sure am glad he’s wearing his helmet… You know, in case he flies off the top of the building, at least he’ll be protected, right? Right?

  21. ahhhhh great, now some white guy with a 1.8 litre honda civic is gona try doing the same thing….

  22. :O i fainted…

  23. афлууу

  24. wow the guys all Jewish?

  25. look at 0:22 … fake but cool !

  26. fake

  27. haha i did the same in gta actually :p

  28. I can’t believe a car company would not be 100% real. I think Eminen really drives a Chrysler.

  29. GTA V 

  30. the ford mustang commercial is cgi too, check out inner mustang commercial

  31. This was great fun doing this job!

  32. ford did the same thing

  33. This is the skyscrapper from San Andreas!!!!

  34. This is computer effect you can find information in web

  35. I’m gonna do this in gtav

  36. Test drive, if you’re willing to cough up that much for one, and can prove it im sure any dealer will let you test drive one because if they make that sale that’s almost their salary for a few months

  37. WOW, driver is unbelievable !!! there is absolutely no safety measures!! unless its a green screen 🙂

  38. helipad from GTAV

  39. How did it get there? Lol

  40. What was REALLY impressive is how he got it up in the elevator.

  41. I used to do that in GTA San Andreas. 😛

  42. Balls of steel

  43. It looks pretty good, but the final few seconds really gives it away that it’s cgi

  44. nope.nope.nope.nope.nope.nope.nope.nope.nope.nope.

  45. fake?

  46. 出来の悪い合成だなぁ~

  47. this concept was just stolen from infiniti

  48. hope he was wearing a parachute too.

  49. photo shop? truque ou pas? niveaux sécurité limite

  50. He has a parachute.

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