BMW 2 Series Convertible: All you need to know.

Have a look at the first-ever BMW 2 Series Convertible and learn the most important facts in just 5 minutes.
We’ll have a closer look at the design, the interior and the useful features.
To get more information about this car, have a look at http://www.bmw.com/2series

Watch the official launchfilm here: http://youtu.be/oMSHm-RPHzQ

To see more clips about the first ever BMW 2 Series Convertible or to get the latest BMW clips in general, just subscribe to the official BMW YouTube channel:

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  1. Muito lindo …

  2. 👍😃

  3. is she available in INDIA


  5. Sorry, but the 2 series looks horrible without the M-sport package. Considering that the 2 series convertible costs substantially more than the coupe, why not give it an m-sport package as standard?

  6. Why is the E46 M3 still the best looking BMW? Hope the M2 looms good.

  7. Is that an antenna on top of the trunk?

  8. I like!

  9. did anyone else get bored with all the numbers talk?

  10. test on paris 2014, loved it. But i rebuy an audi 80 cabriolet full option 😀 

  11. All you need to know… Can you drift it?

    Answer: Yes

  12. Got the Coupe

  13. All you need to know about the first-ever BMW 2 Series Convertible. In one handy video.

  14. really fell in love with this very car , In saphir black , with brown top

  15. why buy this when you can buy the z4 for +5000


  17. I miss my 1 Series M-Sport Cabriolet. 🙁

  18. and who the fuck scrolls through 22 million songs?

  19. But BMW still couldn’t integrate the radio antenna into the shark fin that’s on the trunk lid?

  20. What is with that ugly aerial? Didn’t the budget quite extend to fitting a shark fin aerial somewhere else instead?

  21. Looks nice!

  22. Nice car! Thank you BMW very much.

  23. M-power

  24. got my m235i 5 months ago then it releases a convertible model.

  25. 3:36 Perfect opens or ceiling i like it

  26. 4:15 Ωραια τεχνολογια εξοικονομιση χωρου

  27. Should have had a hard metal top…

  28. Chris Brown..:)

  29. So now the M2 will have a convertible variant? I hope so

  30. Piękne auto ta dwójka 😉 widziałem na żywo, robi wrażenie.

  31. I amgoing

  32. looks plain looking.  

  33. This guy is way better than the last guy. He sounded to nasally.

  34. beauty

  35. cheer slow mo bros

  36. хорошая морда

  37. Love it bmwftw

  38. nice!

  39. 😑Always with the damn golf clubs.😒 #firstworldproblems 😂😂😂

  40. Will there be a hard top?

  41. I’ll check it on Saturday at the agency. They have only 1 car. Hope it will be beautiful as it looks in the video 😍

  42. Wow cool! Imma buy this one :3

  43. красавица

  44. Does it have a CD player??

  45. Better than a3 and cla

  46. Not quite "all" we need to know.  Is it going to be a ridiculous price hike over the coupe version like with the 4 series, or a sensible bump?

  47. Conductor Elegido Bogota Colombia Soytuconductor.com

    Really Cool!!

  48. RC DRONES: drones e quadcopters em portugues

    lindo, simplesmente magnifico

  49. mashallah <3 🙂

  50. who else thinks that guy looks like kobe bryant? 😀 nice video and nice car btw 🙂

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