BMW 330e | Fully Charged

Conflicted about plug-in-hybrids. Me too but this is a lovely car to drive. I know, I claim that sort of thing doesn’t matter and it’s all about clean tech and energy efficiency, but I’m conflicted, the 330e is a lovely car to drive.

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  1. Y? R we still looking at hybrid vehicles?!

  2. Why the hell do you measure consumption by mile per gallons!?? The right way of doing it is miles/kilometers (yea! change to km as well!) per gallon/liter (And that as well.. Metric system FTW!) 😉
    If you would change the settings to l/100km you will get a reading even with low consumption. I have a plug in hybrid Volvo and when only going short trips with an occasional fast acceleration I can be at 0,1l/100km.. That’s something like 4500km per gallon, or 2800miles per gallon. (UK gallon…)
    I usually ends up at about 110-150mpg since I do at least one longer trip per week.. or, as the simple way of saying it, 0,3-0,4l/100km. 😉

  3. So glad to hear you say it out loud: plug-ins are a mixed bag! I am sure it is a great drive tho! 😀

  4. I’ve never seen anyone get quite so excited by door sounds. That made me LOL!

  5. Why does he keep saying he is not interested in cars and still review them?

  6. Hi Robert, I like your reviews and enjoy your explanations and language you use not to make it too technical for simpletons like us, but may I suggest you also include measurements in Km along with Miles. of course, its not too much to ask for since you are British, youre already used to that system. Thanks 🙂

  7. A bit of feedback from a guy across the pond. Robert your production is SPOT – ON, Camera Angles, Video and audio quality, very good, Nice editing and interesting / stable shots. One suggestion i have , You seem to have forget this technology is Really at the early adoption stage. Most of use still probably use Petrol (gas here in usa) cars. And sometimes i feel you are a bit "preachy" to us who use gasoline still. ( not really this episode but the episode that you went to the gas station) To solve this, It would be funny to do a Parody of the "environmentalist" who do things that are not the most "environmentally friendly" like Eat Beef, and live in large houses they cut down huge Forrest’s and decimated animals to build, use smartphones that support mines that also hurt the environment, eat Doritos that Use Palm Oil that cuts down many diverse genomes. Personally i’m an activist just like you and i gave up many things including Beef. Monastically i can’t drive electric but when i can i will.. So Thanks Robert love your stuff, just want to feel a little better about our situation with comedy.

  8. worst 0-60 ever

  9. I am heading for 250us-mpg on my Volt. Choke on that, BMW =D!

  10. Love the channel!

  11. Hmmm… I suppose it could be worse. Good thing it wasn’t. But BMW seriously needs to build proper long range fully electric cars.

  12. A decent hybrid sedan but the battery size is pretty tiny. For the same money I take the i3 REx which is equally rapid but a true EV and you lose little in driving thrills & BMW experience.

  13. how does this compare to the c350e? In terms of performance and driving dynamics? And also for the transition from electric to petrol, which one is more refined?

  14. Better adjust the headrest properly. Could kill you in an accident.

  15. FABulous Review!

  16. it’s pronounced he-on-day, not hoon-die

  17. Hi Robert, I have to say despite your misgivings, I thought this was actually one of the best and most enjoyable car reviews I’ve seen for a long time. Why? Because it feels honest, genuine and unrehearsed! Very refreshing when you see all the other reviews out there, which seem so scripted and robotic, you always seem to enjoy doing these! Really great stuff and keep up the good work! 🙂

  18. How can you say it’s boring if you’re all smiley!!!!???

  19. What amazes me is the fact that there is still no better PHEV than a GM Volt/Ampera. It is the only one equally capable in both EV and CS mode, has meaningful EV range and decent acceleration. And it was designed in 2008 and put in sale in early 2011..
    Yes, it has arguable exterior look and not very large interior space, but it more than makes up for it.

  20. Half hearted effort. Are you getting bored with the channel ?

  21. One of the most boring interiors ever! I currently own a BMW e90 M sport and was thinking of upgrading to this one but it seems I will be pretty much staring at the same damn boring interior. Only the 7 series gets the nice cabin and dashboard. Probably will have to either wait for the Tesla Model 3 which also has a boring interior but at least it’s more advanced than this BMW or wait for a fully electric Mercedes maybe with a nicer interior.

  22. How come you don’t mention the cleaner air benefit of such cars or aren’t you aware that 10,000 people die from air pollution in London alone, 5 million worldwide per year!? Not to mention the hundreds of thousand who get COPD, Heart problems, Mind problems and Asthma from Air pollution and toxic fumes..the door click noises you so emphasise so much are put into proper perspective in contrast to the more important aspect of health here!

  23. Good review. Nice camera work and colour grading.

  24. Does any ‘ECO Warrior’ ever take any time to see how much of an ecological impact and damage Li-ion batteries cause mining? Until batteries are fully recyclable or the materials used are abundant and easy to obtain, more emphasis needs to be placed into renewable energy sources such as Algae Biofuels…

  25. First time i whatch your video… I am a Virgin i guess!

  26. People like to pick on BMWs and say we should all drive light weight Asian cars, well you dont usually get beautiful door action like that on Asian produced cars. Things like that inspire you to feel a bit safer travelling in a car. I like Hyundai etc but you definitely feel its more a light weight. Each to their own preference.

  27. It does seem that plugin hybrids are destined to be the most expensive option, at the point of purchase that is. Given their complexity and equipment as you say. Still, there will be usage scenarios where they are the best option no doubt. Just at the moment it seems they are for psychological reasons.

  28. Cornwall is a country.

  29. With a 2l petrol and a small electric motor, this car should be a 300e. Leave the 330e for some future more powerful model.

  30. Bit patronising to BMW drivers at times.

  31. I just got a 5 min unskippable ad before the video o.0 Is this even legal?

  32. I’ve ordered this in the M Sport edition as my company car (delivery date is end of June). My daily commute is 40 miles each way (combo of town, country, and dual carriage way driving). I have a charging point at work and at home so hoping to save a few pennies in the long run.

  33. This feels a little like a vegan making a video of himself trying out meat and begrudgingly liking it… be honest Robert, You enjoyed that 0-60.

  34. i think it is a great vehicle for commuting but you have the added petrol fun you get from a small RWD BMW. Also it will get rid of these dirty diesel cars !! And that is a step in the right direction.

  35. 14miles?! On battery?!
    Why didn’t they come up with at least 60 miles? Weak

  36. I like the grading. What LUT do you use?

  37. great review. just want to point out that the nerdy-ness doesnt end within the car. the way to see the MPG (over 100s) is to use their website/mobile app.

    How do you find the 330e compared to the mercedes C350e?

  38. my std vw golf diesel does 55 mpg; on a long run it will do 65 mpg and it is much cheaper to buy . so i dont get plug in hybrids and hybrids. Tesla is too expensive and i cannot afford one. so the electric car tech is not ready for mass market yet.

  39. @fullychargedshow
    So U never drove a proper car if U think the doors sound so cool 🙂

  40. Ooh, I think this i the same 330e I sat in the other day at Oxford BMW after test driving an i3. 🙂 Smug mode.

  41. Pure electric vehicles are far more efficient than hybrid, but at least plug-in is still better than petrol engine

  42. Hi, does the battery charge whilst you drive the way that the Toyota Prius does?

  43. Sir could you please mention the camera gear used in this episode..

  44. I wish people would be more conscious about how much unnecessary kit they lug around all the time. Lugging a 2 litre petrol engine with an eight speed gearbox unnecessarily to and from work every day (plus 4 unused seats no doubt) is not impressive, it’s irresponsible. It’s because of this kind of absurd behaviour that traffic is as bad as it is in the first place.

  45. you deserve more subscribers 😜

  46. lol you are incredibly fun! Tell me, how tall are you? This is just a curiosity to have some idea about how would I fit in this car, I’m 192m tall and I’ve noticed that the front sit was quite positioned to the back when you was in the back sit and still you had quite a lot of room for your knees.

  47. If the people would drive the Volt/Ampera, we’d already be saving millions of litres of petrol.

  48. Very entertaining video, I had a lot of fun, thanks!
    But after 12′ and 12” of talkings iI still haven’t heard about "All Electric range"….did I miss something?

  49. had one of these for work last year, loved it, shame about the mpg was only 40mpg whilst using along the A14 everyday. but I am buying one next week because it is so much fun to drive and yes on short runs the electric only option is great but the engine will kick in if you go over 40mph.

  50. There’s no Tolulululul, no klinnggggggg its just Tschouelllllllll.
    Got you buddy

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