BMW 520d vs BMW 320d – Acceleration Test

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Good Time.

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►E36 M3 0-270 km/h
►E46 M3 0-270 km/h
►E92 335i 0-220 km/h
►F30 320d 0-240 km/h

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(Note: Its the same roads for two cars in the videos. There is a + and – bends and slopes in the road. Acceleration times are not net durations.)

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  1. BMW 520d- very slow!

  2. For a great review of the face lifted F30 Chris Harris does a good review of one

  3. 520i vs 320d nasil olur acaba

  4. Good comparison. Would love to see this sort of thing with the more powerful models as well!

  5. So why is the 320d faster than the 520d? Weight?

  6. 320d sports????

  7. 5 is slower than I thought

  8. weight matters 🙂

  9. think u must be crazy to get anything under a 3.0 in a car the size and weight of a 5 series…… but then again perform does not matter to some people

  10. 240 kmh on dashboard in reality is 230 kmh gps ground speed

  11. In what video is this video made? How to match 2 videos like this?

  12. we wish we can see the road like your 320d video but still good test 🙂 is road uphill or straight ?

  13. 내리막길 포함된거 같아요

  14. Biri 1.5 ton biri 1.7 ton

  15. shit engine shit cars

  16. That moment when you e36 323i with few bolt ons( 3,15 dif and exhaust from 2.8 n/a) outperform 15 year younger, more modern bmw with more power

  17. Astonishing really that the 320d will do 150mph, if I am completely honest with you.


  18. Higher class (5 series) doesn’t mean faster, people! The 520d is a lot heavier than 320d so, but 520 is more stable handling at high speed with quieter cabin and more comfortable seats etc.

  19. ►This F30 320D Photo Gallery:

  20. The F320d is a great car, smooth, quite, in gear performance is great, I think a lot of people would be surprised when they gave it the beans

  21. Same engine different weight. 320 is faster of course

  22. Son video mu izleyin!

  23. my bmw 535d is must faster

  24. Do they have the same engine?

  25. Here in the states we have a 328d. It’s a lot faster than the 320d.

  26. thats why i drive bmw 3 hehe

  27. they have the same engine but 3 series is lighter

  28. cekmir ala bu

  29. If you like video, please check this video out and see

  30. 6 seconds 320d 100kph ? Something not right

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