BMW Alpinas

We had the privilege to not only shoot one e24 Alpina but two of these incredibly rare machines. How rare you ask? The e24 Alpina B10 3.5 is the only one of its kind that exists in the Western Hemisphere and is one of 14 that are known to be left in the world. It is a rare sight to see one of these cruising down the street, but seeing one together with another e24 Alpina is a whole different ballgame.

Enjoy our latest video. We’ll soon be focusing even more on BMWs, so stay tuned.

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  1. "Auto Motor & Sport", a german car magazine had a test and gathered some B7s and B7 coupes many years ago. (E28 and E24)
    All turbo-models, and most of them had outputs over 400bhp…  😀

    Up northwest a E28 with four men onboard owned a guy on a Honda CBR900RR; On the straights!   290km/h…   😀
    This was in the mid 90’s.
    Those were the days.
    We were young and a bit mad, and had loads of fun! 😉

  2. my dad owned a bmw 2002 and a datsun 510 and I make sure to give him shit everyday for getting rid of them and having children instead

  3. Perfect!

  4. they are both ugly and garish.
    small BMWs looked better by far.

  5. You guys need to take these cars around the corner…not out on the road with other people!!

  6. what is the black bmw at 1:05 I need to know plz

  7. you can contact me
    I’m in dubai
    this is my number
    anything thing you need for that amazing cars I’m ready

  8. this is my plan and dream to own a e24 6 series 635csi and don´t think get one of these Alpinas because they´re to rare.

  9. Magnificas escuelas, las alemanas.

  10. you are amazing man
    all the respect for you
    if you need any help whatever you want
    I’m ready just to keep your car’s in perfect condition
    thank you so much because you are interested in that amazing cars.

  11. Такие Красавцы!Обе машины СУПЕР!Хозяину РЕСПЕКТ!Молодец мужик!Такой гараж РАРИТЕТОВ собрал!СКАЗКА!Но Е23 и Е24,это самые красивые из БМВ!

  12. I know where another b10 is at

  13. You have taste and ethos my friend. Take good care of you and your beautiful cars…

  14. Picking up my brand new Alpina B3 tomorrow. The vintage ones are definitely more precious. Respect for this guys collection!

  15. damn, took me 4 pairs of pants to get through this video….

  16. fun drinking game for this video take a drink every time he says "ya know"

  17. Very nice… 🙂

  18. Those are some beautiful BMWs wow .. Thumbs up !

  19. best looking bmw on the roads 🙂 amazing condition!

  20. 333hp in 1983 in an Era where a "sportscar" had only 150-200hp. As I recall my dad’s 1984 corvette had 205hp.

  21. Very cool! I have a B7 and L6 and love them but didn’t know about the B10… Congrats

  22. has anyone figured out this guys name

  23. beautiful

  24. I get so excited when I see or hear about these cars!!! awesome

  25. So much for a secret collector 😂😂😂😂

  26. Keep it up with the old BMW videos! +1 sub from me 🙂

  27. im beginning to ship classic alpinas from japan to the US for sale.

  28. A real car enthusiast dosen’t stick to just one brand and certainly doesn’t buy a car because it is rare !!!

  29. My god, how those thing look ! I NEEED IT !

  30. Neat cars from a great time to own a BMW product – I used to pull 2002 motors in my garage — tear them completely down and rebuilt them in two weeks — everything was simple — no magic and computers. The B7 Alpina is nice but it certainly won’t take anything on the road these days (as stated in the video) — my Grand Cherokee SRT would eat it.

  31. Wow……alpina is the perfect car ever, the size, machine, the body compact and all in there is perfect, I have no words, Amazing bro…

  32. I need to live like this…

  33. "you know…" :))

  34. bmw forever

  35. I could buy a 635 Csi for a really low price…but I don´t know if I should do it.

  36. Lame ass cars and dude is a straight up nerd… fuck outta here

  37. Better late then never !

  38. Bavarian Legends !!!

  39. That guy is the secret BMW collecter

  40. Pretty Rare, extremely rare with only 2 of them in the United States, would love to have the privilege of owning either one of these wonderful autos…

  41. The black one on the hoist… Was that THE Dietel Enterprise 335 conversion???

  42. Guilty hopefully orange jet store subtle.

  43. I want to see more about the e21

  44. I’ve always loved these cars. It started when I was about 18 and a family friend let me drive his new 2002. Always wanted a 635CSI. Alpinas—only ever read about them in the mags. Nice to have films like this on youtube.

  45. Rolling works of art! Love old bmw’s dream is to have an old e34 alpina b10 bi-turbo with the narrow kidney’s (before 93), in Alpinablau.

  46. I have an f30 335i but have the itch to get a classic

  47. perfection……one day I will own 1

  48. LOL I saw "pinas" and couldn’t stop laughing, childish I know…


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