/// BMW attacks AUDI

/// BMW Club Georgia attacks Audi Club Georgia with Paintball…
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Shot by: Focus Production & Empire Studio…
Edited by: GT_714

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  1. fuck BMW biggest shit ever

  2. Once again, fact speaks itself: MOST of BMW drivers are arrogant idiots.

  3. i hear audidiots cying

  4. BMW best audi=shit for mens with a vagina

  5. You know it’s real when the guy at the start doesn’t really love BMW by putting that sound system thingy that I don’t even know the freaking name on the car. IT’S A BMW FFS NOT A CIVIC! If you really like it please treat it like one! You still rekt those poor audi owners though!

  6. Audi never made a special cars bsides r8, they only making tourings for cheapskates. BMW is also rwd in standard, only luxurious car manufacturers doing rwd cars like: Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jaguar. Xdrive is also more reasonable than quattro. BMW 8, BMW Z8 , BMW M1, BMW 3.0 CSL E9, BMW E30 M3, BMW E28 M5, BMW M635 CSi E24, BMW M5 E60, BMW i8 and Audi got shit, c`mon what u got Audi fanboys

  7. good move bmw

  8. If i was there , all members of BMW Retards will be dead 🙂 FOR fun 😉 fcking idiots with Noob car .l.

  9. Обожаю BMW

  10. audi ugly and shitty

  11. My dad loves Leyland

    My Mom loves Audi

    My Kid brother loves Merc

    I love the ultimate BMW

  12. Fake level: Over 99999

  13. our move? this is just further evidence towards the fact that bmw drivers are the biggest assholes on earth.

  14. that’s racist

  15. Bimmers are love

  16. Fake lvl 99999999999999999999999999999


  18. I LOVE BMW <3

  19. Audi for idiots

  20. those who drives bmw are faggot

  21. don’t even think about attacking mercedes 😛

  22. Was any of this legal?

  23. What a music 1:05 ?

  24. audi is shit

  25. cars for losers

  26. Ауди король дороги.БМВ даже в повороты входить не умеет.Много минусов жрет бензин жрет масло.2.3 -3.9-4.0 Ауди делают 5.5 4.4 БМВ делайте выводы какая марка лучше

  27. BMW drivers are such dickheads. Audi rule.

  28. The problem is that the weakest and the worst Audi from group, twice outvalue eichter silver burnout Bmw at 0:30 min 😀


  30. meh

  31. BMW 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 … audi is better 😉

  32. ”Fake” ”Omg so fucking fake” Well no shit… probably made to be only entertaining and that what it was to me! Nice video if you ask me 😛

  33. у нас бы за такое еблы набили и фары разбили, шины прокололи и в салоны нассали, бмвачи хуевы

  34. yvela BMW-s fani magari jigrebi xart <3

  35. BMW = shit car Audi = beautiful car !!

  36. BMW IQ= 0

  37. i love audi bmw is shit

  38. Audi R8
    BMW 7 series
    Mercedes AMG

  39. That’s fucking crazy, alright? What if you shattered windshields during the meet? You have no right whatsoever to act in such a reckless way.

  40. SAAB cars better than audi alooooot

  41. BMW =Shit ! its a mistake car!

  42. bmwho?

  43. 1:10 спрятался в багажнике хахаха :DD

  44. 😎😎BMW M3

  45. fake as fuck and if it isn’t it proves that most BMW drivers are uncivilised basdards even the mercs on the left aren’t cunts and can live in peace without attacking the audis

  46. BMW rules!

  47. meanwhile king MERC is just smiling.

  48. traction control burn bmw this is so cute

  49. Woooooohooooo! GG BMW!!!!444!!!!

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