BMW Car Design Process

Inspiration and a clear vision are the starting points for creative tasks. It’s on a blank sheet of paper that they first acquire form, solely through a pen and the hand that guides it.
The sketch is the most emotional form of an idea. This is why the designers first work out their ideas exclusively with a pen and paper. The concern here is not feasibility. Instead, the sketch is intended to bring life to the character of the model, which then remains the guiding image throughout the design process.

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  1. Anyone watching in 2016?

  2. It`s a great doc.
    I like the design technics showing here.

  3. then explain the M1

  4. I feel power.

  5. Insert "Take your money" at 0:33 …

  6. good

  7. Hi i have a good car desgine, but dont know how to give life to that, if can anyone if ur able try helping me with that.

  8. prisma colour pencil i guess

  9. Excuse me,I love car,actually I’m an Industrial Design student(freshman),and I want to know where can i get some useful resources or basic course.introduce me some website,thank you very much.

  10. I am seriously passionate in becoming a car designer at BMW. I’ve been thinking about it sing I was 5.

  11. Syukri could you make some basic car sketches tutorials? I personally know a bunch of fans who would die for. we have been following you and trying but is a bit advanced these (at last for me) to catch up with. I am an economist starting my second degree in Industrial Design.

  12. yeah

  13. toyta grang design

  14. What is that ambient in the background?

  15. Hem kokpit hem dış tasarım da kusursuz tasarım

  16. whats the song in the first part?

  17. what does it take as in education to work as a BMW designer? 🙁

  18. What is the name of the Song?

  19. Amazing

  20. 1:50 what pencil uses?

  21. What are three important points you learned from this clip. How will understanding these improve your project?

  22. i swear 90% of the peopel watching this are art center trans kids.

  23. Why do people seem to like all these smooth, blobs of cars. what happened to actual passion for the design for cars and not just making them look like every other single modern car in existence?

  24. Anyone watching this in 2017 ???

  25. This system is classic and the process is timeless. No wonder the BMW products are so elegant and timeless.

  26. good

  27. It’s 2014. maybe the car industry should move to Photoshop, Zbrush and other 3D applications such as Modo 801 now to do such kind of work.

  28. M7

  29. 2013 video?? those technologies are passed out. hand drawings are for gay designers.

  30. Does somebody knows the name of the song?

  31. good

  32. what is the name of bmw created ?

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