BMW Cars Recycling and Disposal – Fans Will Cry

BMW Cars Recycling and Disposal.

BMW pre production test cars Recycling. The BMW Group’s Recycling and Dismantling Centre (RDC). BMW Disposing of Cars – Crushing.

Design for Recycling, as practised by the BMW Group, brings the question of recycling forward to the very earliest stages of vehicle development. There are a number of key considerations involved in the implementation of a recycling-oriented design process. Mixed or un-reprocessable plastic materials are avoided and the variety of plastics is reduced. At the same time, greater use is made of recyclable composite materials and optimised joining techniques. And finally, parts are coded to allow identification of the materials they contain. Through the application of these measures, all BMW Group vehicles produced today can be almost totally recycled at acceptable costs. They already meet the recycling targets for 2006 laid down in the European Directive on end-of-life vehicles. Furthermore, the BMW Group possesses the technical means of complying with the new requirements for obtaining EU type approval, scheduled to enter force in 2005. Life Cycle Assessment is a tool that extends the concept of Design for Recycling still further. It involves assessing the environmental impact of new vehicles and components over the entire product life cycle – from production of raw materials and vehicle manufacturing processes through to the vehicle’s actual use and its final disposal. Intelligent lightweight construction methods are one of the ways in which manufacturers can reduce vehicle fuel consumption and emissions. But the materials used are not always ideal in terms of their suitability for recycling. Life Cycle Assessment permits the manufacturer to make an all-round assessment of the positive and negative aspects of materials and construction methods employed, and to identify any points of conflict. The resulting data on the overall ecological quality of the design then flows directly into the design process for new vehicles.
Research laboratory and recycling plant: The Recycling and Dismantling Centre Design for Recycling and Life Cycle Assessment both depend on a sound practical and theoretical knowledge base. Much of the BMW Group’s substantial expertise in this field comes from the company’s Recycling and Dismantling Centre (RDZ) at Lohhof on the outskirts of Munich, which has been in operation since 1994. The Centre provides a vehicle-recycling research platform that is without parallel anywhere else in the world. The advances in technological know-how obtained there are shared with the BMW Group’s recycling partners. This know-how also flows directly back to the company’s own development departments, where it is used to optimise the recyclability of new product designs.
Full network of collection points The BMW Group has set up a “take-back system” in Germany consisting of around 200 approved recycling facilities and collection points. In order to extend this system to cover all of Europe, the BMW Group has entered into an alliance with FIAT, RENAULT and ROVER. Dating back to 1994, the “Together for Recycling” initiative allows its members to share their respective recycling networks. In this respect, too, the BMW Group fully complies with the statutory requirements. In order to meet its obligation to take back and recycle end-of-life vehicles, the BMW Group has set aside funds to cover the anticipated risks associated with the total volume of vehicles sold by the BMW Group to date.
World leader in sustainable management The commitment to sustainability demonstrated by the BMW Group in the recycling of end-of-life vehicles is a key element in the company’s business strategy. This has been repeatedly recognised by the finance and investment community. For the fourth time in succession, the BMW Group once again features prominently in the world’s major sustainable-investment indexes – Dow Jones, STOXX Limited and SAM Group. The BMW Group was rated second worldwide in the car industry. As further confirmation of the company’s ethical standards, the BMW Group is one of only two European automotive firms to have fulfilled the stringent qualifying criteria for companies listed on the FTSE4 Good Europe investment index, introduced last year.


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  1. All of those E38s! 🙁

  2. pre production? why they have 200 recycling facilities with so many cars. too much preproduction huh?

  3. Poor cars, never had the chance to make someone happy by enjoying them, they have a very sad role..

  4. i will give my used one… please stop … :(((

  5. those car seats are the only thing that annoyed me. could easily be sold for a decent price. plus it’s not wasting…. just gonna be burned once melted down.

  6. those could be drift missiles!!

  7. Looks like the ultimate driving machine isn’t so ultimate any more … anything to push the price up on an already overpriced, over rated car.

  8. These are preproduction cars. Not thousands of them, a maybe a few hundred at the most.

  9. ? all of those cars dont look like they need to be recycled. broken drivetrains no one cares to fix?

  10. Prototypes not real production cars yet guys chill.

  11. I think a lot of them cars where BMW used cars and when I say that I mean they where actually owned by them. You at some of them they have different lights (Shape) Camo Type stuff. I think a lot of these where also test mules for other bmw cars. I seen a video like this several years ago with older Z3, Three series and so on

  12. at least they will make brand new versions of them…so……

  13. In the comments it says these are preproduction models. They learn about non recyclable materials and avoid them.

  14. They aint worth nothing after 100k.

  15. Most of those cars look almost brand new with potentially many years of motoring ahead of them. What sheer criminal waste.

  16. can’t believe i actually cried

  17. Qué les pasa están bien pinches locos se los cambio x mi tsuru y hagan con el lo que quieran es un crimen destrozar esos carros tan bonitos

  18. It would be better if their computers are disposed of

  19. 11:05 it appears to be synthetic oil. 🙁

  20. Getting BMWs off the road can only be a good thing.Shame there’s not an education process to install some manners and courtesy into the assholes that drive them.

  21. 20:14 I don’t see the interest to crush a whole car including all these plastic, leather, tissue and metal stuff here. It’s no more recycling at all.

  22. When self driving cars and ride shares grow, this type of waste will be cut in half as many will not have to purchase a vehicle. Plastics are not recycled, interior fabrics and fillers are landfilled. This is the most wasteful use of materials ever conceived.

  23. less cars for Albanian and romanian !

  24. next time please edit out the face close ups, its f-ing disgusting. I’m not here to see some dude grimasse, I’m here to see cars.

  25. These cars could have sold in black neighborhoods.

  26. This makes me so happy watching all these BMW’s getting scrapped and mutilated!!! Love it!!

  27. Cars always get recycled

  28. I don’t get this at all. It’s the most wasteful looking ‘green’ operation I’ve ever seen for automobiles. I’ve worked with vehicle builders and testing organizations, and we’ve done research testing on hundreds of vehicles in the Detroit area. All these vehicles are destroyed at the end of testing (might I add, with around 200,000 hard miles driven three shifts a day seven days a week by uncaring, hired help, they look a lot worse than any of these). The scrap crushing/chipping/shredding technology of 30 years ago yields the same result – ferrous metal, non ferrous metals, plastics, rubber, glass &c by means of magnets and simple flotation. There isn’t much ‘dark science’ in recycling a car. Go to any scrap yard and ask to watch when they crush/shred a pile of Buicks, then tell me how different the results are for the amount of energy put into that process vs this one. This processing requires almost as much labor and energy as building the car in the first place. These guys just get the coins lost under the seats.

  29. Es un auténtico crimen, si son coches nuevos ¡Por Dioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosssssssssssssss! no hay derecho, que desperdicio, que destroce de máquinas no puedo seguir viendo esto, es horrible y odioso, ver como una máquina con una vida útil larguísima, y de una calidad tan elevada acaba aplastada como un cubilete de metal. Los que hacen esto no tienen perdón, es simplemente imperdonable.

  30. And in the USA everyone complains about how stringent environmental restrictions are?
    I want to work in this place. I’m surprised the techs are not required to wear white shirts and ties.

  31. These are test cars or pre-production. they aren’t meant for the public, they are destroyed as they are used for testing various things,for example the safety. Every manufacturer does this.

  32. Why i3 whyyy whyyyy ;( ;( ;(

  33. No Tears here, BMW was the 2nd most unreliable car I have ever owned!!! I new car should not need to go to the shop 3-4 times a year!!

  34. Still so much plastic and rubber in it when the body is destroyed. 🙁

  35. our heroes are sacrificing their lives fkr future generations to come

  36. 😱😱😞😞 send these cars to India, we will sell it and own the dream…

  37. Oh yeah, cried like a 6 year old girl. This is very difficult to watch.

  38. They should dispose everything made after 2003 and renew all retro cars cause nothing good had been made after 03’… cars are smartfones nowdays, just buy a new one after 3 year use…

  39. this is bS recycling

  40. So where is this?

  41. What a waste!

  42. in other countries this cars will be used until the nuts can’t hold the wheels anymore 😛 .

  43. I say kill em all! We should all know by now that BMW stands for:


  44. reminds me of Wall E

  45. cars without vin numbers…..so its illegal to drive…..r.i.p.

  46. You don’t need to be a fan to see that it isn’t recycling, that’s wasting away usable cars!

  47. its a crime

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