BMW: Charging Your BMW i3

A brief overview on how to best charge the BMW i3.

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  1. This car doesn’t seem to be any good for long distance driving if you can only go 120 miles a day?  If it took 3 hours to charge and could go 1000 miles in one day … then I might be interested to get one.  Also, it’s vague in the video … how much per charge?  Even if it’s 1/2 of what gas is I wouldn’t be interested either.  I really wanted to have my interest sparked …  but I’m not as impressed as I thought I’d be.  

  2. If bmw wants to compete with tesla it should also work on super chargers. 3 hours or 7 8 hours to charge these small batteries are a big turn off.

  3. love it

  4. Yeah u might have to go to work tomorrow but suddenly u cant cause i have to charge my car OMG. *sells car*

  5. People of the future will watch this and laugh😂

  6. If the charger is in the car why do level 2 chargers cost close to $1,000?

  7. BMW Genius, How Original…. She doesn’t look that smart though.

  8. We will be surprised in the future just like the internet in the past

  9. I wonder what that the BMW i5 and i7 going to look like?

    No but seriously they kinda stole that from Intel.

  10. A question: When I plug my charger into a house outlet, the charger that comes with the x5 flashes "charging fault" even before I plug it into the car. What is my problem?

  11. Bmw usa can you please do a video for the i8

  12. Pfft, fuck you stupid BMW EV, I have a freakin Mercedes EV. (EV=Electric Vehicle)

  13. Let me see if I got this right, so when you want to charge the battery you plug it in? Oh my, good thing they made this tutorial. Seriously though, so glad to be moving away from burning oil and relying on middle east.



    BMW hitler as lost all faith in you 

  15. Bbobksddgpkopiiopbojo.j )

  16. How fast can this be charged?  

  17. not so much a comment about the video, but how i got here.  Youtube, how does watching game grumps equal making the next video a video about a bmw???!!!!!  FIX YOUR AUTOPLAY.  

  18. I plug my cell phone to bmw i3 and then I charge it.

  19. wait so this is a gas free vehicle like the tesla?

  20. +BMW USA  What about the 220-240v ? is it compatible ??

  21. Chasemo is missing

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