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  1. how much?

  2. This ebike is only available exclusively from your BMW dealer.
    For more information:

  3. 2015 model coming soon?

  4. Very smart and georgeous looked bicycle good BMW.

  5. nice little trailer but failed to give any information whatsoever about the product 

  6. Nice bike, but that guy should sleep a little bit more, as soon I watch his ugly face I felt asleep

  7. do you expect me to believe that the beautiful model woman in the clip is also the designer? 

  8. My car had to go to the Bmw garage for maintenance this morning and I got this bike for today as a ‘replacement vehicle’ and I am very very enthousiastic about it. I just took it for a drive in the park and I must say : ‘wow’ Very much like it 🙂

  9. TOTALLY stupid engineering in having the the upper bars that run from the rear hub terminate MIDWAY up the seat pipe.  Every hard bounce puts a bending pressure on the seat pipe. Did you designers forget about the inherent strength of the TRIANGLE? Sheesh. Stop trying to be "fabulous" and design for strength.

  10. Be aware BMW are selling these bikes but don’t support them when they go wrong

  11. I want to buy this bike but what about after sales service…???

  12. Cool

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