BMW Design. Karim Habib Portrait.

Design Portraits. Karim Antonie Habib, Head of Design BMW Automobiles.
Just one of thousands of interesting jobs at BMW. Apply now: http://www.bmwgroup.com/com/en/careers/index.html

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  1. I don’t like the front end of the new 3 series…

  2. Sin duda una lección para tantos y tantos jóvenes y viejos aspirantes a diseñadores, y claro una lección de branding.

  3. Nice


  5. Please can someone tell me the symphony in 4:28 which symphony is that please ?

  6. Cylinder Head, Size: 560×450×220MM, Euro Ⅲ discharge standard, aluminum material, Injection/fuel: diesel. Import Head Cylinder from China Factory directly, please contact [email protected]

  7. I have lost my faith in humanity

  8. let me send some legend car design that has lasted for more than 10 years

  9. Such a beautiful video. Truly Inspiring : )

  10. 5.28 music please?

  11. Yes! BMW Much Better Than Mercedes-Benz Design

  12. hey at 4:33 minute, can u tell me the name of symphony please ??

  13. Great design sir,,,,I appreciate it,,,,,want to have it in my future,,,,

  14. Just wondering what made him went to mercedes for a while and then get back to BMW !

  15. How can I contact Mr. Karim?

  16. I’m not sure what’s worse; talent and passion of a designer crushed by years of designing a door handle or light switch, or designing bloated SUV for stupid fat housewives? P.S. all new beemers look the same.

  17. this is nice

  18. what did he design ? the NEW BMW designs suck, just the fact that he was driving an Original BMW shows he didn’t believe one word he was saying  lol, I guess like anything else it’s just a Job, make your boss happy

  19. Gd!!!! Mr.Habib

  20. Suzuki Swift, corolla,

  21. Absolute inspiration in every way, this is art!

  22. He is Persian and from Canada.

  23. I think mr Habib is a brilliant man. He’s a hard worker with great ideas and a vision for the future of the company. Keep up the good work!

  24. What camera was used to film this? The images has a very cinematic feel. 

  25. Lexus stands for Camery with a different badge

  26. He is arabian OMG you honored us Mr.Habib


  28. Bmw designed your car from a blow dryer..lol how about changing that 80s style interior!! If i pay $50 grand for a car i hope to expect a modern "cockpit" inside. This is why i traded bmw for a lexus. Overly priced p.o.s. bmw stands for Bowl Movement Wagon

  29. i like exteriors of bmw but asymmwtrical design of front interior objects feel a little odd

  30. the designer of PIG Nose bmws

  31. what muslims fucked your mom?

  32. he is Arabian not Persian
    and lives in Canada

    you can read about him in wikipedia

  33. BMW lost some of its soul after Wolfgang Reitzle left. He was not a trained designer but he intuitively understood what BMW stood for. The cars that came out under his watch, notably the E46 and E39, still look good today. They had good proportions and taut bodies and did not rely on gimmickry to appeal to buyers. By contrast, many newer models look tired and dated after just a few years. The people who succeeded Reitzle did a lot of damage to the brand that will take years to repair.

  34. Need a list of all that songs Plzzzz


  36. whats the song (piano tune)

  37. UR MEN

  38. please make a documentary with him that lasts at least an hour

  39. Nice. I like this designer!!!!

  40. does anyone has a great repro list about Great Designers portraits???

  41. Someone know what’s the song in 0:44 ?

  42. i dunno but you can use shazam or soundhound if you have access to it.

  43. Mr.Habib . very nice .

  44. whats the song at 5:45???

  45. Kudos to the girl with the Ford GT Scale model at 3:54! I want to marry her!

  46. why do u create something that no longer last for ateast 10 years trend

  47. You traded it in for a Cayenne? Did you wear dresses as well?

  48. bmw present car after 10 years sucks but look at Suzuki Swift still the the awesome design that’s the true designer

  49. best video in youtube

  50. 5:32 "BMW is a company that BUILDS cars…" That’s right, Mr Habib! Cars are built, not produced.

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