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  1. Where do you get your drivers license in Russia?, In a vodka bottle?

  2. Min 7:11 jajajajajajaaaaaja

  3. no doubt, russian’s are the most stupidest drivers

  4. the best of Russian

  5. Dreamers in Beemers…..

  6. It has nothing to do with the car’s Brand it is about the driver cause every car got his idiot

  7. The 1% who can afford these shitboxes have nothing but disdain for you peasants and your measley laws.

  8. Why does such weird shit happen on Russian roads?

  9. Russians and BMW is like mixing fire with explosives.

  10. gopnik drivers

  11. Its more like rich russian idiots 😀

  12. 2:36 Name of the full clip`?

  13. I’d like to see one of the innocent drivers get out and punch one of these dick head drivers for once!!

  14. god i’d do many many thing to that blonde over that bonnet if i could ha

  15. BMW idiot + russian idiot = ticking timebomb xD

  16. most bmw drivers in russia crazy

  17. 2:35 ahhh nothing like 2 BMW’s getting fucked up 🙂

    2:59 pure fucking poetry – couldn’t have happened to a shittier car 🙂

  18. 4.26 он педарас

  19. Should be titled, BMW X5/X6 crashes 😒

  20. Тупарылая Рашка нечесть мразина и абаная шваль всех жигать аминь.

  21. Penis and Brain must be very small, same with Audi Drivers….

  22. crazy russian bastards

  23. BMW idiots are unfortunately international…

  24. bmw idiots? More like russian idiots.. But that aint no different from the ordinary xDDD

  25. i have to say that x6 drivers are like retarded people or something

  26. these people shouldn’t be driving at all

  27. Clueless doesn’t even begin to describe these imbeciles …

  28. Hahahahahha this so funny

  29. 3:28 is where im living

  30. Why are we still sale good german cars to Russia? They´ve got Ladas. That´s enough for their intelligence.

  31. That dude tried to hide the body

  32. In order to separate yourself from the millions of channels that deal with poor drivers, you should let us know the outcome for every video.

  33. This video should be titled "a regular day in Russia".

  34. seems like the idiots are the ones who drive the SUV bmw

  35. if there is an idiot on the road he must be driving a BMW.

  36. 03:27 bacau romania

  37. They truly are idiots.

  38. 2017….russia is still not able to drive 😀

  39. Absolutely disgusting. Luckily these imbeciles (still) represent a small percent of BMW drivers.

  40. 3:03 Bruce Willis fanclub

  41. bmw shitt driver..equal idiots

  42. BMW Group
    Mini & Rolls Royce

    2.003 Million Cars. in 2016
    2.25. Million Cars. in 2015
    1.9. Million Cars. in. 2014
    That,s a lot of of ( So-called idiots) as some People report in the Comments….
    So. the Mini Drivers are ( Smaller idiots )
    and. the Rolls Royce ,,,Very Big ones ??!
    As we drive TOYOTA Revo & Chevrolet …
    We should be Very …..Smart & Clever ..
    NO. OR. YES. ???!!! 😐😐😕😕🙃

  43. IS that the same X6 every time?? LOL

  44. Most of them were related to X6,!!!😭

  45. Seems that in mother Rusia driver liceence is not mandatory …

  46. What the fuck this idiot doing this is a road for everyone not your dad’s race track 😡😂

  47. russian<animals

  48. edited: Russian idiots with BMW’s


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