BMW Dynamic Stability Control Overview

Dynamic Stability Control is an innovative technology that combines the functions of traction control, braking enhancement, and cornering stabilization. DSC sensors continually monitor cornering-steering angle, transverse acceleration, yaw, wheel speed and brake pressure to instantly detect and correct loss of wheel traction due to slick spots, nasty weather, or emergency maneuvers. DSC helps you stay in control under all conditions, in any situation.

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  1. That’s why I keep a 42 year old VW beetle as a backup car. No safety there. Keeps you sharp

  2. hahaha ESP = DSG just that BMW call it other way

  3. Didn’t know about this when I first had my 3 series and tried to drift but I couldn’t drift at all, the car just make a way to stay straight until I figure out that I still have to turn dsc and dtc off. Very useful in a real driving condition though.

  4. whats the difference between DSC and ASC+T on a E46

  5. can’t drift on that ride!! lol

  6. Damn technology you scary
    P.S – awesome tech

  7. It’s a PID, look up balancing robot or Segway.

  8. can’t drift with DSC on huh?

  9. understeer.. off the throttle? i go more on the throttle to bring the rear around, while straightening the wheel up a tad. Drift on

  10. Thanks for the upload

  11. i can burn out because of this thing?

  12. Thanks

  13. @55CeRKez yes!

  14. BMW my wife !!

  15. Stability control is easier, my piece of shit doesn’t have that, traction control, and just an ordinary differential, people I know are impressed I haven’t gotten into an accident yet.

  16. 75mph on the on ramp with my bmw540i DSC WORKS AMAZING!!!

  17. This happened to me sometime ago and I was wondering how I managed not to hit an object in front of me when I was driving my 550I on the free way. Now I know why. So cool

  18. the should assemble the DSC with giving more speed on the inner lines … but i guess thats only a feature of racing cars

  19. what car and what year is it, cuz i have a 04 330xi just need to know will it save my girls crappy driving

  20. Difference between DSC and DTC
    I need help.

  21. when the yellow light is on an flashing thats when its on an working ?

  22. isnt this all the Electronic Stability Control for all the companies, but everyone has different names for sake of having company’s own name thing? I just got a CR-V and while I was car shopping, everyone pretty much had different acronyms :/

  23. The irony off all this is while cars are becoming more safer, drivers on the other hand are becoming less aware on the road and more dependent on the cars safety features to do the work for them.

  24. BMW Dynamic Stability control, by applying pressure to the wheel that is spinning, we have taken the fun out of driving.

  25. I found some great piece of literature on this tech..it just sorta drills the concept into you….

    Found it at MyCarMyChoice (dot) com under tech funda… titled: On how rollover stability control system works
    …You must check it out
    And tell me about techy things you know of…

  26. @Transane no it isnt, its fun to drift and have control

  27. que BMWs mas feos avia en esa época…

  28. if i have a RWD with this DSC will it make a HUGE difference?

  29. @t5e2 Yes you can, lol, only at much higher speeds!

  30. This looks very familiar with Mercedes 4-MATIC system. It detects and applies breaks on the oposing side. I think the best stability system would have to be Acuras Super handling All wheel drive (SH-AWD). It uses twin clutches to instead of break the opposite. It ads power to the electronically selected wheel preventing understear. Ether way though these safety features I think will soon be one day implemented into all different types of vehicles.

  31. me too, I love that new X6 cuz i’m not a family man

  32. Get All Season’s they’re amazing for handling rain, I’ve never felt the tires break loose in rain yet.

  33. Agreed, DSC is amazing, and also agreed that it’s definitely saved a hell of a lot of people – especially in the wet. Most people do not know how to handle a rear wheel drive car when the back-end slides out quickly, and I would say this is when DSC is most valuable. Understeer is a lot easier to fix. You just come off the throttle.

  34. no it stops burnouts

  35. Not really. You can turn it off also

  36. I am about to move from Florida to a snowy part in the south of Germany. I have never driven in snow before. I am being offered by a German used car dealer either a BMW 316i with DSC (rear wheel drive) or an Audi A3 (front wheel drive) without DSC but with the advantage of a front wheel drive platform. Which is more useful for a driver with no snow or ice experience?

  37. Sweet stuff 🙂

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