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The BMW E30 M3 is a hero car. In its day, it was considered seriously quick. But has its performance stood the test of time or will it be humbled by today’s far more mundane 320d?

This is the first in a series of Heroes Humbled? videos we’ll be publishing over the coming days.

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  1. Fucking hate cunts that sit on cars typical pen pushing twat

  2. Ive got a Matchbox Mini Cooper 1275.

  3. surely the m3 would of done better than 16 sec over the quarter? I know its old but should of made a 15.0-15.5 sec run.

  4. The e30 m3 is let down by the s14 power plant. The f30 will handle a lot better as well, even if you feel dead inside driving it.

  5. The 320d weighed about 250 kilograms more too.

  6. stupid comparison.

  7. Interesting how performance has moved on over the years.

  8. i think some are missing the point of this,…..its only to show how much performance has come on….
    I remember the E30 M3 being so fast in its day but today that performance is avaliable to most, in the most boring of vehicles. …which we take for granted. ..
    Same with the cosworth when i was 16 years old…..its was the unbeatable car, now a 330d rep mobile would leave a std cosworth to 60, 100 and the 330d is faster flat out….its just progress. …

  9. I’d have an E30 M3 over a modern 320d every. Single. Time.

  10. …so the 320d need about 5-6 liter / 100 KM – very low for a well power

  11. whats the price of the e30?

  12. I’d like to see the E30 against a new 330d – that’d be a closer run race

  13. I’d have that E30 M3 over any current variant.

  14. do a 328xi petrol 🙂 still the sales mans favourite vs an M car lol…

  15. 320d runs not bad for a 2 litre Diesel Engine, 25-30 years ago it had been a really fast car.

  16. sooo buy the old one :))

  17. E30.. ! 🙂 the car has a style.. the new one… dosn`t have jet.

  18. e30 are the best

  19. its stupid u are comparing basically petrol vs diesel engines… not to mention the E30 is lighter

  20. song is pretty good whats the name ??

  21. Im glad the E30 won, I love those, amazing even today.

  22. Can you do a review about a bmw x4

  23. the e30 m3 was never made to drag race put both those cars round sliverstone and the E30 will win by a disgustingly large margin

  24. " auto express racing driver " .. guy looks like an accountant ..

  25. bring on the torque? What does torque have to do with 0-60 time?!

  26. Who cares there both beautiful cars and are both becoming classics. Not all of us who own old bmw cars cares about speed and torque.

  27. So many cool cars in the beginning. Instead of the 450 SEL I would have put a 190E 2.5 16v there. Fits the line better.

  28. The 320d has bad gear ratios… I’d expected it to lose in 1st and 2nd gear but actually it was the other way round… The 320d was slower in the higher gears… weird for a diesel car.

  29. why would someone put a shitty music instead of engine’s sound. what the hell how dumb are you

  30. i would take the e30 m3 every day

  31. The E30 wasn’t made for a drag race. Even though it won, It would be even faster in a lap race against that new 3-series

  32. we need those WW2 camps for the d versions

  33. All this proves is how far (diesel) tech has come on in 25 years….big deal!!! Also, drag races don’t prove much, try this again on a lap of a decent track and the 320d won’t see which way the M3 went

  34. give me the 320d any day of the week
    230 Newton metres of torque is pathetic

  35. F30 anytime anywhere E30, is old crap now

  36. The new auto box would have won the race

  37. E30 M3 every time!! New BMW’s look the bloody same.

  38. Would have been more relevant to have a complete review about handling differences. Would be interesting.

  39. E30 look amazing.

  40. well what a shit comparison. a drag? seriously? no lap around a twisty track or anything?

  41. E30 over the common 320d ecobox

  42. Does he work for autoexpress or carbuyer

  43. Should have used a 320i although im not sure you have those over in the Uk

  44. Shouldn’t have got the IIM model for the new car.

  45. the m3 e30 is better than any modern bmw.

  46. 325 would have smoked the m3

  47. e30 beateful

  48. should have used a 4 or a 2 series for this comparison…

  49. Seems with auto transmission 320d d pass e30 m3..

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