BMW Engine Crash

Tire burnouts are boring. This guy actually burns his whole engine out 😉 Although i don’t think he intended to do so. I wonder what would have happened, if the other guy did not incidentally come along to shut the engine down.

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  1. turbo probléma😢

  2. Dajzel musi dymić !!!! XD

  3. this is just turbom fucked up if someone have this just get 4 or 5 gear press break and get off a leg from clutch and then engine will be ok

  4. que bien que te sientes ayudando a alguien que ni puta idea tiene 🙂

  5. cut the diesel pipe

  6. on automatic car just cover admission for stopping motor

  7. This is called a runaway. Basically it starts consuming its own oil and running at a very high RPM as a result. He’s lucky they could shut it off without shoving a rag in the intake.

  8. Bmw has fly-by-wire throttle, can be a problem, as seen in top gear special(Africa)

  9. Why the guy doesn’t turns off the engine 🙁

  10. Why not just turn the key and stop the engine, I do not understand!?

  11. warum würgt der den wagen ned einfach ab? handbremse rein und höchsten gang reinknalln, nich gut aber besser als das da…

  12. Well this gives internal combustion engine a whole new meaning. Never seen the actual engine come out the exhaust.

  13. brake down air pipe for intake collector!

  14. 1500euro e torna come nuova. 😀

  15. Freude am Fahren

  16. What’s the point of this video? That’s perfectly normal. -_-

  17. looks like he put diesel in an unleaded engine

  18. Ja er kann was dafür da er nicht gerade die intelligenz besitzt um zu verstehen was man mit einem auto tun sollte und was nicht.

    und das hat er bestimmt nicht vom fahrlehrer aufgetischt bekommen.

  19. What has happened is that the diesel engine has begun to run on its own oil, so even switching the engine off will not stop it. Whether down to an oil leak internally or over filling with oil. Luckily someone knew how to stop a ‘run away" diesel engine

  20. Ein Perpedes hätte nicht so lange durchgehalten. Wäre wahrscheinlich in die Luft geflogen xD

  21. This is what is so called a "diesel runaway" which means the engine starts to run on its own oil due a leak or combustion problem… and once that happent the engine will run till its destroyed…. no key turn can stop that. If the car is a manual you might have a chance to slow down the engine by putting it into highest gear and release the clutch

  22. Weil der Mann ja was dafür kann… Mein Gott hey! -.-

  23. Turbo death.

  24. blow engine ?

  25. der gute mann hat ihm sein motor gerettet…..got sei dank ein schaltwagen wo er ihm mit bremse und kupplung kommenlassen im höchsten gang abwürgen konnte…..bei automatik wäre der motor jämerlich überdreht…

  26. i know who is failing their emissions test next time

  27. Eso es por el turbo?

  28. This is why u allways have to check ur turbo. I had this problem once with my 530d automatic. Lucky i had some small kife in my car, so i cut the intercooler pipe and the engine was saved, just me and everything in engine bay was covered in oil. I still driving the car with no problems now

  29. Someone tell me why this is happening? seen many such cases.

  30. Dummme leute

    Luftfiltetkasten auseinander reissen!
    Hand jacke davor halten das der motor keine "luft" bekommt fertig!

    Hauptsache bmw fahren

  31. So viel von BMW.

  32. No funciona en este caso ya que es un motor diesel y está quemando el aceite que se filtra de la vena que lubrica al turbo, aparentemente falló la junta que impide el contacto entre el aceite y la admisión.

  33. BMW power 😀

  34. all cars have problems, im not a bmw guy, im a mercedes guy, and still, i know a dude with the 2010 Mercedes E, the engine started a fire, it burned his car to the metal.

  35. air pollution is huge

  36. i gave yr mom 5 bucks to suck it for one hour. now she can buy an happy meal for u 🙂

  37. warum filtert der Rußpartikelfilter den Rauch nicht raus?

  38. Aber nicht bei einem Automatik!

  39. Umcia umcia klękła bumcia =) 😀

  40. FAKE! It’s impossible to break the engine of a BMW.

    BMW rules

  41. That does not work, the diesel works that way – if there is a pressure on manifold and fuel is being pumped then engine gains RPMs. If you turn the key it only stops pumping fuel. In this case turbo had leaks of oil, so if you even turned the key the oil was being pumped through the leaks of turbo and those oil leaks were landing on mainfold causing combustion of engine oil inside cylinders.

  42. its a diesel engine, once its starts to burn engine oil you can’t stop it until the engine blows up.

  43. Somethings like this happen in my megane 1,9dci – 2 weeks ago 🙁 Fortunately, I stifled engine by sudden clutch releasing

  44. Oder wenn man ihn mit dem Getriebe abwürgt. Ist mir mal bei ‘nem VW T3 passiert.

  45. This is call diesel engine runaway ,due to machanical problem

  46. He successed stopping the engine before the crash! Well done!

  47. Renault ? no BMW hihihi 😉

  48. Wrzucamy 5 bieg i puszczamy sprzęgło-auto gaśnie i po problemie 🙂
    Ewentualnie jeśli jest to możliwe zaglądamy pod maskę i ręcznie zamykamy przepustnice przyduszając silnik-i po problemie…. 🙂

  49. Yes, True!

  50. Und so einen kauft man dann als Gebrauchten, wenn man Pech hat….

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