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  1. The last time BMW made a movie, Dakota Fanning was in the 2nd grade.

  2. cant wait

  3. They gotta re-release the old ones from back in the day

  4. The driver who soiled Madonna is back!

  5. So……BMW does movies now?

  6. Beautiful! Where and when can we watch the full movie?

  7. I expected a BMW movie to be set in Iceland but oh well.

  8. Best way to reveal a new car such as the new 5 Series 🙂

  9. my guess is a bmw m4 coupe or m3 or m5

  10. Neill Blomkamp rocks. So does BMW.

  11. When and where.

  12. Dakota Fanning – I am Sam, War of the worlds, Man on fire, Secret life of bees, Now is good……..BMW – The Escape. Perfect.

  13. Need the new X5M in these movies!

  14. 15 years later and it’s still Clive Owen… rock on!

  15. That’s the new 5-series with the M-sport package. The 5er used in this film will be the 540i M-sport.

  16. Yaaaaaaaawwwn

  17. Woohoo

  18. Jon Bernthal is a jew

  19. Please get Michael Mann, William Friedkin, Kathryn Bigelow, and Paul Greengrass to direct some new BMW films.

  20. This Is A Totally New And Awesome Approach To Trailers. I Like It.

  21. 0:23 that is not how broken glass sounds in a car! lol

  22. Who composed the music ?


  24. This is Neil Blomkamp audition to direct the next Bond movie with Tom Hiddleston as the new 007.

  25. Awesome!!!!

  26. Where can i buy a ticket?

  27. YEAHHH
    BMW short movies are back!!!!
    And having Clive Owen back makes it even greater!
    Neill Blomkamp is one of my favorite directors
    And BMW is, to me, the best non-exotic car maker in the world. Whatever horse power they have, they have soul


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