BMW Films – The Hire – Ambush

The Hire is a series of short films made by BMW together with some of the worlds best directors.
Ambush – starring Clive Owen and the BMW 7-series. Directed by John Frankenheimer.

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  1. lol BMW make the best commercials, also yeah swoozie

  2. Used to watch this all the time. I had the CD. Swoozie reminded me.

  3. what is he, the terminator? so calm

  4. swoozie FTW

  5. bad ass

  6. how come the air bags never got executed …. with all the banging and all
    And was ABS not invented back then ?? How come teh car is skidding all over the place.

  7. a van is chasing bmw, and getting closer, thats kind a sci fi isn’t it 😀

  8. Half an hour ago, my 740i E38 same colour catched a fire, rear end burned to the door, and middle of the trunk, after we extinguished fire, we drove it back to my house. I wasn’t much upset because of damage, probably because of this film… The fact remains: We looked more badass.

  9. I would get this car Second Hand for only $10,500 for all its wreck


  11. swozzies was better if you ask me.

  12. I want to color the lips

  13. riiiiiiiiight of course you did

  14. Swoozie sent me

  15. "Er Monnezza" nun me l’aspetavo qua hahah, A’MITICOOOO

  16. This was good! 🙂 I like the old mans laugh after…

  17. Amazing short film!

  18. I agree

  19. They’re diamond thieves, maybe they had the van tricked out. 😀

  20. And he did it better

  21. прикольный ролик, ток диалоги нихера не понятные

  22. Swoozie did it better

  23. Swoozie is a youtuber who made a parody of this video called "Adorable Ambush".

  24. Yeah, they probably intended to kill them as soon as they stoped, probably didnt wanted to risk the BMW crashing and getting unwanted attention of passing cars

  25. I like it.

  26. Yeah, there’s something like 7 or 8 I think? Gary Oldman plays Satan in one, it’s awesome.

  27. This video accurately captured what it’s like to hit 140mph on the road. It’s terrifying.


  29. Looks like my 740ia

  30. lol its okay

  31. Who cares?! I´d pay to go for a ride like that! Just imagine the adrenaline rush!

  32. Dat U-turn over double solid at the end…

  33. Now only if BMW were that reliable lol

  34. Clive Owen is one of thee most talented & versatile actors on the planet, for sure

  35. Liiiiips!!!!!

  36. Like if Swoozie sent you here

  37. Swoozie brought me here

  38. Swoozie brought me here

  39. swoozie06 is youtuber…….-_-

  40. Swoozie

  41. awesome!!

  42. Swoozie sent me here lol

  43. swooooziee

  44. Swoozie brought me here…. c:

  45. BMW such a legend . . . But still not Mercedes!

  46. Amazing Ambush Marketing.

  47. this is wat i want amovie called the hire sereis

  48. Sssswwwwoooooooooooozzzzzziiiiieeeeeee

  49. sick

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