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  1. Looks like Remington Golden Saber ammo in the revolver.

  2. Nice AUDI

  3. @ab1274 they are cops…..what u think…

  4. BMW should quit making cars and start making movies.. this is pretty good.

  5. that’s why I love John Woo

  6. @harm4life When you can afford either, you can comment!

  7. @1riverranch that’s cool! i live in Pedro now, and I frequently drive by the scene of the big jump by Angel’s Gate. you could actually see the divot in the asphalt from where the stunt car bottomed out, but after a couple of years it was repaved.

  8. ^^

  9. at 5:33 to 5:52 best 15 seconds part of the video the music is intense when escaping the Crown Vics and Caprices

  10. John Woo would have made an excellent James Bond… sigh..sniff, sniff…

  11. Clive Owen is the man in this! The shades!

  12. Owen would have made an excellent James Bond…..sigh..sniff, sniff…

  13. Uh, guys? Maybe you shouldn’t have used the area code for upstate New york.

  14. car for pussys!

  15. Sorry, i dont feel the drama.

  16. Well done!

  17. @ab1274 Ditto lol

  18. @pmj1995 say it Audi lemans quattro.

  19. Nero Wolfe!

  20. 1:18 – The same cop radio transmission as is used in the original GTA. The first 2 seconds of this prove it: /watch?v=87Ls5ImYEXA

    Mind blown? Definately.

  21. vous pouvez me dire le titre de çe film?mèrçi

  22. I have to say, this is probably one of John Woo’s strongest western films. His style really meshes in such a naturalistic way with the writing and the visual stylings of just how everything feels, he never tries to be too experimental or too safe, he just comfortably directs this one. Plus the subdued subject matter, it really lets his emotional side of his directing shine. Still my favorite Woo flick made this side of the Pacific.

  23. ok, this would encourage to buy a BMW, just not that one!

  24. …and now it’s time to embrace the flame…

  25. Please music at 6min31 ????????????

  26. Then why the fuck are you here

  27. My wife says I cant this car.. I really want it

  28. fuck beamers all i got to say they shouldve used an acura

  29. FUCK BMW’s!!!!

  30. bad tsss

  31. I remember I had the CD with all these films, this is so nostalgic

  32. @b4roqu3 iagree he displauy suchpassion for this scene

  33. @neerredd that is so stupid, have you Just seen BMW? !

  34. "All I wanted from her was a gesture…"

  35. She sure showed that Ga’uld

  36. John Woo, baby, John Woo!

  37. haha Eddie Winslow

  38. What does he say at 3:27? I’ve been wondering that for literally a decade

  39. 4:30 dukes boys style 

  40. time and tide wait for no man …

  41. What a sadistic little…. @ The hostage

  42. Out of the 8 BMW Films this one is my favorite – Truly a piece of ART.

  43. This one was kind of lame, compared to the others.

  44. a 15 cm la voiture aurai était dans l’eau

  45. So realistic

  46. How perfect … Oh god I wish this would be longer 🙂

  47. cold case

  48. I miss Dir.Woo’s noir with Chow

  49. You do realize that if Clive Owen actually takes on playing James Bond, he would really be 007, as in the 7th guy to play him?

  50. Man I forgot how good these short films were. It’s been years since I have seen these.

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