BMW Films – The Hire – Powder Keg

The Hire is a series of short films made by BMW together with some of the worlds best directors.
Powderkeg – starring Clive Owen, Lois Smith, Stellan Skarsgard and the BMW X5. Directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

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  1. this comment made my day hahaha!

  2. i think he wanted to die, because of the remorse he felt by not helping the war victis. This has happened in real life mind you. See Kevin Carter

  3. this just made me cry

  4. 2nd favorite!

  5. when I watched Biutiful by alejandro gonzalez inarritu i remembered the song he played when javier badiem’s character is walking on the bridge talking on the phone. this is where i remember that tune from.

  6. yo estuve en ese film ajua

  7. well i guess we are from two different schools of Photography…

    I guess you are those who just go for an overpriced DSLR and spend most of their time on Photoshop and dare call themselves photographers… if that’s photography to you… well I ain’t no photographer pal!

  8. Do you guys think the dog tags just had the photographer’s name, or did they have a message?

  9. last scene make reminds me "burning man" same song, similar situation

  10. very nice

  11. Magnífico trabajo de Inárritu. Ojalá las películas nuevas fueran tan cautivantes como este corto.

  12. My face is covered in tears… :'( These short films are some of the most hard hitting work I have ever seen.

  13. una vision fechada en 2001, de lo que puede ser el Mexico de hoy, de Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

  14. I am a photographer myself, it seems that you don’t know a damn about photographing.

  15. At 02:16 is a Graffiti on the wall, Que la muerte…? What is the last word and what does is it mean?

  16. @gtm3 the man probably have a message wrote in braille for his mother

  17. My favorite of the BMW Series! Clive is brilliant in this!

  18. Show us some of your *war photos*, shall we? I’d rather call you a youtube troll than a true phographer.

  19. the moral of the film is: "A BMW: It’s not bullet-proof."

  20. the man knows how to tell a story.

  21. If you mean the song when Clive (the driver) meets Stellans (the photographer) mom at the end, then it is my friends cousin Carlos Varelas song "Una palabra"…

  22. "I never have time to play with my kids."
    "How many have you got?"

    That line gets me every time.

  23. Unless you make it so.

  24. 7:30

    what did he say?

  25. El hecho de que su madre era ciega podria interpretarse como que el al poder tener vision tomaba fotos para apreciar los momentos y luego relatarselos a su madre. O tambien refleja el hecho de que su madre no podria apreciar su trabajo. Es simplemente brillante.

  26. Fail

  27. anyone know what the name of the song that is played in this video?

  28. It’s interesting that in most of these BMW commercials the use of the car is far more subtle than when they crow barred BMWs into James Bond!

  29. "Que la muerte no entre aqui"
    "May death not enter here"

  30. @MrFTW733 The Driver (Clive Owen) tells Jacobs’ mother that "he won the Pulitzer."

  31. Vote Clive Owen for the next Bond!!

  32. meh

  33. ^^

  34. Awesome.

  35. 20 dislikes = faggots/fangirls/fanboys who likes justin bieber…

  36. cool

  37. What is the song at 1:32?

  38. @Absolution00216 "Man on Fire"

  39. X5 owns the road

  40. "Why are you a photographer?"

    "I don’t know..cause my mom taught me to see."

    Best one thus far..

  41. how can he get a bullet to his belly when he was runing away?

  42. The story is insane, illogical and too drama…. the dying guy at a hostile border was taking pictures at gun point? I doubt about his intelligence, even an ignorant won’t do soooo…..

  43. This defiantly should become a full feature.

  44. Clearly you don’t know much about photographers man…

  45. Que means who/that/, La Muerte means death; there are actually two more lines of graffiti but there’s a guy in the way. que la muerte ____(o?)entre _____ but a ten-minute web search couldn’t help me find any idioms or sayings for it.

  46. @DinoVincent You cant change something thats been recorded like that

  47. The utterly purposeless answer I’ve ever heard…. you became a photographer becoz your mama told you so?!?!? It twists the true meaning about photograph.

  48. so, i know bmw is great and all, but next time you are saving a civilian from a war-struck country, you maaaay wanna send a bullet-proof car… just sayin 😉

  49. wow…. I got goose bumps at 7:47

  50. One of the best marketing campaigns that I’ve seen.

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