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  1. W….T….F!!!!

  2. BMW styling concept very clearly understanding very nice concept expresson !!! cris bangle BMW styling concept

  3. very funny bmw 🙂

  4. уменя такая есть

  5. Very Cool,

    China prototype is your best choose too
    daniel.lou at jevny dot com(Welcome to your quote any time)

  6. Thumb up if you are watching this in 2013

  7. It really lives up to its name when the hood opens up…

  8. Wouldnt the fabric wear off and eventually rip?

  9. this video is probably one of the easiest to masturbate to videos in whole youtube

  10. … Bad experience in car design ; i think car in proportions good but …i dont see good aesthetic when the movement active the sinthetic skin …and the open front with female references is crazy …and poor in funcionality . (im my opinion Bmw turbo from Paul Braq in 1972 is more interesting in concept Design ; Like Nazcas from Giugiaro ; and the ultimate Visions concepts by Bmw Design )…

  11. Hail to the V! LOL yes even that is inspiration for fine cars ….

  12. 😆

  13. meanwhile in Germany: "Hey Franz, i’ve got a new idea for a new concept! it’s gonna be cilindrical and it’ll get longer and bigger as it drives" "Yeah Klaus! it’s gonna be called Kok!"

  14. Q auto tan más genial, nunca pensé q me gustaría tanto un auto
    Bien por Gina

  15. this car looks like pussy

  16. Ok… Not sure how pratical this is, looks like a Jap Animation car

  17. Gina is from Vagina 😀
    1:15 to understand why hahahaha

  18. It’s fabric is too tight that even keys and the sharpest knife can’t scratch it… Well yeah, I got that information from another Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) Gina…
    It can’t even swell!

  19. This car is like a human…. It has a vaGINA, an eyebrow, and it has eyes that can blink…….

  20. awsome —–Agência de Turismo SolidÁrio—-

  21. When is this car coming out? Now I’m wondering if it’s going to live up to the hype. We shall see

  22. "Let us call it gina"
    "Yeah great idea"

  23. Vagina car?

  24. Má experiência em materia de design automovel : penso que este veiculo tem boas proporções ; mas não vejo grande estética quando a pele sintetica é activada ..e a ranhura central da frente com obvias referencias femininas parece-me maluca e pobre em funcionalismo .( acho muito mais interessantes conceitos como BMW turbo de Paul Braq em 1972 ; Nazcas Series de Giugiaro e os ultimos concept Car Vision Bmw . )

  25. BMW Vagina, lmao

  26. You have an enemy who has this car? You hate it so much you wanna destroy his car? Very well.
    1. Take a cutter
    2. Cut the spandex coating
    3. Do it all the way

  27. I just can’t for the life of me understand why Germans with all their MILF’S and whatnot, didn’t just put a VA in front of GINA and be done with it rather than letting all of us folk with sick minds put 2 and 2 together because the sick bastard that designed that bonnet had one thing on his mind. PUSSY!

  28. is there a washing machine big enough for this? what if I spill wine on it

  29. When is this car coming out?

  30. No hard feelings for the people who worked to make it but I found it creepy


  32. Would a car wash even be a possibility with this car?

    Would a possible buyer need to use stain remover on the car’s skin?

  33. And we all know why its call the BMW Gina

  34. kill it before lay some eggs

  35. Thumbs up if Epic and Guitar brought you here.

  36. +ATERIFA lol I saw it nice one

  37. That hood looks like a ‘gina.

  38. Hahaha! That is the worst idea ever!

  39. Did anyone else freak out at 2:30?

  40. Are we really considering spandex cars now?

  41. Hum. I have a pen and a million pound car in front of me. I would have fun making that into boxers

  42. To the batmobile!

  43. this thing is so awkward… I’m cool with my e46…

  44. How tempting would it be to just take a knife and *RIIIIIIIP*

  45. 💖😘😍

  46. this is a UFO



    Trying to remember as many garbage bag company mottoes as i can


  49. I don’t get it…

  50. engine open like pussy

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